Anurag Banerjee Honoured with the ‘Golden Book Award’ for his book ‘Sri Aurobindo and His Ashram in Contemporary Newspapers’

Dear Friends and Well-wishers of Overman Foundation,

It gives us immense delight to announce that the Founder and Managing Trustee of Overman Foundation, Shri Anurag Banerjee, has received the ‘Golden Book Award’ for the year 2024 for his book Sri Aurobindo and His Ashram in Contemporary Newspapers published in two volumes.

The other recipients of this award are Anupam Kher for ‘Lessons Life Taught Me Unknowingly’, Twinkle Khanna for ‘Welcome to Paradise’, B.K. Shivani for ‘The Power of One Thought’, Joy Lukkas for ‘Spreading Joy: How Joyalukkas Became the World’s Favourite Jeweller’ among others.

Sponsored by Wings Publications International, the Golden Book Award has been declared Asia’s most prestigious book award by Business Standard newspaper.

The first two volumes of Sri Aurobindo and His Ashram in Contemporary Newspapers chronicling the period 1909 to 1940 were published by Overman Foundation Trust in August 2023.

We take the opportunity to congratulate Shri Anurag Banerjee and wish him all the success in life.

With best regards,


Overman Foundation Trust.

Greetings from Luminaries of the Aurobindonian Community:

Dear Anurag:

Congratulations! Delighted with the Golden Book Award;  it is a moment of joy when hard work is recognised  enthusing us to go forward in our chosen  field.  And when it comes  like this, a flash, the joy is greater for  as we know your humility in your hard work which moves on as an offering to the  Mother and Sri Aurobindo.  May such award come often, not because you desire it, but because we know that you are doing the Mother’s work and that is very much needed for humanity today.

My renewed congratulations and best wishes to Shukla and yourself with prayers to the Mother to grant you both health, prosperity and unflagging service  to move forward and not stop till the goal is reached, as Swami Vivekananda blessed us. Sri Nandakumar joins me in wishing you both all the best, health, wealth and prosperity.


Prema Nandakumar
(Famous author and Aurobindonian scholar)

Dear Anurag, 

Sorry for the long delay to congratulate you on the wonderful award that you have got. 

May you rise higher in your achievements and keep working for the Mother. 


Tara didi 

(Tara Jauhar, Chairperson, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch)

Dear Anurag,

Congratulations !

I am very happy  to know that you have got the  ‘Golden Book Award’. 

With warm regards,


(Vijay Poddar, Member Executive—Admin. & Finance, Sri Aurobindo Society)

Dear Anurag

Excellent my friend..heartfelt congratulations…

Sure…a landmark in our Aurobindean community ..

Let Her blessings inspire you for more such work.



(Ananda Reddy, Director, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research, Pondicherry)

Congratulations dear Anurag,

Wishing you many more laurels on the way.


(Dr. Alok Pandey, eminent Aurobindonian scholar and speaker)

Dear Anurag,

Congratulations! I cannot express in words how happy and proud I feel for you. You are doing wonderful work; continue serving Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in all sincerity. Their blessings are always with you.

Lots of love,


(Namita Sarkar, noted author and senior inmate of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry)


Dear Anurag Bannerjee,

Congratulations on being awarded the prestigious “Golden Book Award,” in addition to the many awards you have already received.

Sri Aurobindo and His Ashram in Contemporary Newspapers”, published in two volumes, is an important addition to any collection of Aurobindonian Studies.

With much respect and admiration,


Helmut and Dhanalakshmi,

(for the members of Savitri Bhavan in Auroville)

38 Replies to “Anurag Banerjee Honoured with the ‘Golden Book Award’ for his book ‘Sri Aurobindo and His Ashram in Contemporary Newspapers’

  1. Dear Anurag
    Heartiest congratulations on being honoured which you richly deserve
    Surendra Singh Chouhan
    SAICE 69

  2. Heartiest congratulations ,Anurag, for this great achievement.

    Wishing you all the very best in all your future publications.

    Our Holy Mother is with you❤🌹.
    With love and regards

  3. Hearty congratulations. And wish you a continued success.

    Let noble things happen to all

    सर्वेषां आर्याणि भवन्तु

  4. Hearty congratulations.

    ॐ आनन्दमयि, चैतन्यमयि,सत्यमयि,परमें …. !!!

  5. In simple words…Hearty Congratulations to Anurag.
    I had purchased the two well researched volumes very soon they got published.
    –Prasenjit Sen–

  6. Congratulations Anurag.

    Abhishek Ghosh, PhD
    “By our stumbling the world is perfected.” – Sri Aurobindo

  7. Heartiest congratulations to Anurag for this great achievement.
    He deserves this Golden Book Award and to find his name amongst such esteemed writers is a matter of pride for all of us who are associated with Overman Foundation.

    With love and prayers,
    Sudipto Kumar Choudhury

  8. Dear Anurag, sincere congratulations on this prestigious golden book award which seals the historic significance of the 2 Volumes.

  9. You certainly deserve the honor, dear Anurag. Your loyalty to the Masters and disinterested commitment are an invaluable gift to all of us.

    Paulette, Auroville.

  10. Dear Anurag ji

    Many many Congratulations for this wonderful achievement! May the Divine Mother always bless you with many more happy moments and great success in life.

    Best wishes and regards
    Giti Tyagi

  11. Congratulations!! Very happy to know about your achievements. God bless you with many more. We are proud of you. Keep it up!!

  12. My heartiest congratulations on these achievements. We are so proud to be connected with you. So nice to see this accolade bestowed on you. It makes me very happy.

  13. Great honour, very proud of your achievements. Keep up the good work you are doing. The award brings you to the higher circuit of contemporary writers.

  14. Congratulations dear Anurag. Yet another feather in your cap. Proud of you. This is indeed remarkable to figure among such luminaries in the field of literature, at such a young age. My joy and pride at your achievement knows no bounds. Congratulations once again, dear.

  15. Heartiest congratulations for your wonderful achievement of “Golden Book Award”. Wish you all the best for your service to the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

  16. Compliments. Well deserved. Great that your years of dream and work got recognised.
    From a certain point of view, the Mother was so keen to see that the world discovers Sri Aurobindo. That was the fundamental attitude of many disciples. “We have found a treasure and we want to share it with the receptive sections of humanity.”
    This also speaks of your love for the Master.

  17. Most heartfelt congratulations, Anurag-da, for this award. Hardly anyone deserves it more than you, because of the yeoman’s service when it comes to the life and work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

  18. Heartiest congratulations Dada for your extraordinary achievement. Mother’s Blessings are always with you.

  19. Hearty congratulations Anurag ! This is the most admirable and most satisfying news I have received in days together. Hats off to you.

  20. Congratulations. Excellently honoured! Wish you more success in your work on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Be blessed.

  21. Dear Anurag,
    I was extremely occupied with some issues, so I apologise for responding so late. Divine has guided you to discover some incredible workings. I congratulate you in every way. With divine blessings, this Golden award and our goodwill inspire you to participate in a programme for New Race work on Earth.
    Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

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