Since the time She was a very young, the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, had dreamt of creating a small world where ‘people would live without having to busy themselves with food and lodging and clothes and all the imperious necessities of life.’ (The Mother, Questions and Answers, November 1956-November 1962, p. 15, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1956.) This dream was translated into reality at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, where all the material needs of aspirants are looked after so that they can turn ‘spontaneously towards the divine life and the inner realization.’

But in the present times, specially due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, innumerable people have lost their livelihood and many are forced to live on reduced income. Since no one in the Mother’s kingdom should go to bed in an empty stomach, Overman Foundation has undertaken a scheme named NAIVEDYAM through which ration kits are provided to needy families on a regular basis.

On Monday, 4th October 2021, Overman Foundation donated ration kits consisting of rice, masoor dal, potatoes, soya-chunks and eggs to Tagore Foundation School, an inclusive school situated at Nivedita Sarani where around 81 differently-able children as well as children from underprivileged backgrounds are taught and provided free meals. The salient feature of this organization is that autistic children or those suffering from Down Syndrome are treated with equality along with the normal children and are also taught in the same class. The school has a total number of 150 students.

Mr. Anurag Banerjee (Founder, Overman Foundation) and Mrs. Shukla Sanyal (Trustee, Overman Foundation) with Mrs. Srabani Banerjee, Founder-Principal of Tagore Foundation School.

On Sunday, 15 August 2021, Overman Foundation donated rice, masoor dal, sugar, Emami Healthy & Tasty refined rice bran cooking oil, nutrella and Marie biscuits for poor patients at Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Matri Bhavan, Kolkata, on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo. We are grateful to Pravrajika Anirvanprana Mataji and Pravrajika Alokprana Mataji, Secretary and Assistant Secretary of Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Matri Bhavan respectively for giving Overman Foundation the opportunity to render some service to the patients.  

In a humble attempt to provide nutrition to underprivileged individuals, especially senior citizens, Overman Foundation has started to provide one litre of Amul Tazaa homogenized toned milk from Tuesday, 23 March 2021. Henceforth, on every Tuesday and Saturday, underprivileged individuals, whose names have been registered at the organization, would be provided with one litre of milk.

On Thursday, 21 January 2021, Overman Foundation donated ration kits for a whole month containing rice, pulses, cooking oil and sugar for thirty-five orphans who are sheltered at The Calcutta Orphanage.

On Tuesday, 29 December 2020, Overman Foundation donated ration kits containing rice, flour, pulses and soyabeans to underprivileged families selected by the authorities of Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, Dakshineswar. Revered Pravrajika Tanmayprana Mataji received the ration kits on behalf of the Mission.  

On Wednesday, 18 November 2020, Overman Foundation made a substantial donation to Ramakrishna Society Anath Bhandar. Established in 1904 by Swami Suddhananda, the fifth President of the Ramakrishna Mission Order, this organization acts as an abode for poor, orphan boys. The donation made by Overman Foundation was for the well-being of 38 orphans who are looked after at the Anath Bhandar.

On Friday, 16 October 2020, Overman Foundation donated ration-kits to Sane and Enthusiast Volunteers’ Association of Calcutta (SEVAC) for the nearly one hundred patients who are being treated there for problems related to mental health. Located at Thakurpukur (Kolkata), SEVAC runs a 100 Bedded Mental Health Facility-cum-Halfway Home for the treatment of the acute patients and residential care of the recovered and stable patients. Dr. Tapas Kumar Ray, Founder-Secretary of SEVAC accepted Overman Foundation’s humble offering of ration kits on behalf of the organization.

On Sunday, 4 October 2020, Overman Foundation donated ration kits containing flour, cooking oil, sugar and biscuits to twenty families selected by the authorities of Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, Siriti.

Since our means are limited while there are many who need help, we humbly request generous and broad-minded people who are willing to help people in distress to kindly come forward and help us in our endeavour to the extent possible so that hunger can be replaced with a smile.

Under the present situations, we are accepting only online donations which can be sent to the following bank account:

Name: Overman Foundation


Branch Address: Kanak Towers, Ground Floor, 7A Russel Street, Kolkata 700071

A/C No. 001783800012871

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