A Sketch by Sri Aurobindo

Dear Friends,

At Overman Foundation, we try to share with our readers new discoveries related to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Since August is very special for all Aurobindonians as Sri Aurobindo’s birthday falls in the said month, we would be uploading a series of unpublished materials and rare articles as our homage to Sri Aurobindo.

As the first installment of our homage, we are publishing a sketch made by Sri Aurobindo in the online forum of Overman Foundation. This sketch was made by him while answering a query of his disciple.

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee

Overman Foundation.




8 Replies to “A Sketch by Sri Aurobindo

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing the sketch made by Sri Aurobindo. May I ask, if someone can decipher what Sri Aurobindo has written at the end? That will be wonderful to know. Thanks and best regards.

  2. This is the greatest gift for us, dear Anurag. Simply beautiful. I feel like a sun rising in my heart. Every Word and pen-stroke of Lord Sri Aurobindo has His full Force. Thank u.
    I think the script could be : This is to show how the lines of gold must look on the water under the Sun.
    But even if we can’t decipher exactly, the power and beauty that is in the divine writing conveys boundless joy to the viewer. I feel extremely happy.
    Aditi Vasishtha

  3. Dear Anurag, I feel this is the most precious gift we can have this August, while waiting for the Darshan Day with heartfull of aspiration for the Lord and The Mother. Thanks to you and Overman Foundation for sharing.

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