Anurag Banerjee awarded the Nolini Kanta Gupta Smriti Puraskar

Dear Friends and Well-Wishers of Overman Foundation,

 It gives us immense delight to announce that the Founder and Chairman of Overman Foundation, Shri Anurag Banerjee, has been awarded with the ‘Nolini Kanta Gupta Smriti Puraskar’ for the year 2011 for his contribution in the field of research and education. It is noteworthy that Shri Banerjee is the youngest recipient ever to receive this prestigious award given by ‘Srinvantu’ and Sri Aurobindo Bhawan, Kolkata.

 Under the guidance of Shri Banerjee, Overman Foundation has become India’s only online research institute dedicated to the mission of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. We take the opportunity to congratulate Shri Banerjee and wish him all the success in life.

 The Overman Foundation Team.

48 Replies to “Anurag Banerjee awarded the Nolini Kanta Gupta Smriti Puraskar

  1. Dear Anurag,

    Congratulations on your award! Keep up the good work. Keep open to the grace and the Mother’s force so that She may accomplish much through you.

    Warm regards,

  2. Dear Anurag,
    Congratulations. This will surely encourage you to keep doing the good work.



    Prithwindra Mukherjee

  4. Dear Anurag:

    Congratulations! You are doing a wonderful job, and many more awards will come your way. But the most important reward is to serve the Lord and the Mother in your own sincere way. I wish you all success in your dedicated endeavours.



  5. Dear Anurag:

    Congratulations for the award and the recognition.

    It is not impt that you are young. In fact I think the young should be rewarded the more, so that they would get the right motivation.

    Offer all that you are receiving at Her feet and renew your determination to work harder.

    I am very happy at this development. you have done what many others are not able to do.

    Once again, my good wishes and congratulations!

    Sachi da

  6. CONGRATS dear Anurag,
    Indeed You deserve the honour for your pioneering work and your sincere dedication in the service of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

    Ananda reddy and Deepshikha di

  7. Dear Anurag:
    Delighted with your being awarded the Nolini Kanta Smriti Puraskar. It is an indication of the Mother’s Grace that your work is moving on the right lines. Nolinida was such a wonderful person. I had the privilege of paying my pranams to him when I went to Pondicherry in the ‘fifties and’ sixties with my father. May your work progress directed by the Mother.

    With affection

  8. Dear Anurag Ji
    I am glad that you got the award. You truly deserve it… Let me take this opportunity to convey my admiration and gratitude for the valuable work you are doing. Each Darshan and on each important day, you give us something precious. Really, you have fulfilled a great need. I pray to the Mother to give you a long life to do this noble work.

    With regards

    Your sister

    Shyam Kumari

  9. Dear Anurag,

    My congratulations for the honour that has been bestowed upon you. I send my prayers that you can continue your work for years to come with Their Blessings Protection, Guidance and Grace.

    At Their Feet,


  10. Dear Anurag,

    What a wonderful and much deserved honor for all of your work and dedication. That you have been awarded with the “Nolini Kanta Gupta Smriti Puraskar” honor is a powerful testament to your contributions of furthering Their Work and providing so much valuable archival material.

    It is heartwarming to see that young people are taking up the torch and moving on with the technology available to make their offerings as we move on into the New Age and eventually the age of the Supramental.

    My congratulations to you – although none of us needs personal congratulation as all that we do is only a matter of the Grace that comes from Them. And it is obviouls that you see this as well.

    All the very best to you.

    In the Light of Mother and Sri Aurobindo,


    Anie Nunnally.

  11. My dear Anurag,

    I am really, really happy that you have been awarded the “Nolinikanto Gupta Smriti Purashakar” ! You certainly deserve it for the excellent work that you are doing by kindling the interest in and spreading the message of the Mother and Sri Aurobiondo through your Overman Foundation with its very aesthetic online get up.

    With lots of love,


  12. Dear Anurag,

    My best wishes are with you. I think you are doing some fine work on the Net. I wish I could participate more in them.


  13. Dear Anurag,
    I hope that this finds in the best of health and cheerful disposition… It was so wonderful to learn that you have received the prestigious award and am sure due to your dedication and hardwork many more of these awards will follow. I am very impressed by the work you are doing.

    Best wishes


  14. Dear Anurag,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful news! We are very happy to hear about it. With Mother’s Grace and Blessings the work you are doing for Her through Overman Foundation will continue to be appreciated more and more. This prestigious award is only the beginning! Our best wishes are with you always.


  15. My dear brother Anurag:
    Your dedication and respect for Mother and Sri are clear.
    You deserve that and more to come!!
    Touch as many people as you can with this beautiful smile of yours.
    The world NEEDS more young souls like you in order to bring it forward and continue this adventure of the consciousness…
    Brother, I Love you and my most sincere prayers are there for you and all.
    May THEIR Light, Joy and Harmony be with you always…

    At the service of Truth,

  16. Dear Anurag,
    We are very happy to know that you have been awarded the ‘Nolini Kanta Gupta Smriti Purashkar’ for 2011 by Srinvantu.
    We wish you all the very best in your continuing the good work that you are doing.

    With warm regards,

  17. Dear Anurag,

    Extremely happy to know that your have received the prestigious award. Congratulations.


  18. Dear Anurag,
    I am very happy to learn that the ‘Srinvantu’ award has been given to you. Your earnestness merits it!
    May the long years ahead be rich in THEIR service – with a warm remembrance,


  19. Dear Anurag,
    Most happy to learn of the ‘Nolini Kanta Gupta Smriti Puraskar’ being awarded to you. May you always be under Their protection and love.


  20. My dear Anurag,

    Please accept my heartiest congratulations on being conferred the “Nolini Kanta Gupta Smriti Puraskar” for the year 2011. I feel very happy that your work is getting recognition. You fully deserve it.

    Thank you for sending me frequently very interesting material — letters, articles and poems — which I greatly enjoy reading. My prayers and best wishes are with you
    for your continued success and welfare.

    With much love,


  21. My dear Anurag,

    Congratulations for the prestigious award. May the blessings of Shri Aurobindo and the Mother be on you.


  22. My dear Anurag

    Please accept my hearty congratulations for the Puraskar. You are really doing wonderful work, sincerely, and deserve this appreciation…

    My best again and warmly

    R Y Deshpande

  23. Dear Anurag
    I am always happy to see the beautiful work you and your colleagues are doing. I pray that may you continue the good work and serve the Lord, – the only thing which gives meaning ad purpose to life.
    I am happy for you.

  24. Hello Anurag,
    Congratulations! Do keep up the good work– it is no doubt, your dedication and devotion that have brought you this far. Much remains.
    Best, as always
    S Murali

  25. Dear Anurag,
    Congratulations for receiving the ‘Nolini Kanta Gupta Smriti Puraskar’ for the year 2011 for your contribution in the field of research and education. You have consistently and relentlessly brought out something valuable from the past regarding the lives of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Congratulations again!
    Sanjay Shirwalkar

  26. Congratulations in your way ahead…… you truly deserve this award b,coz of the sincere efforts and hard work that u have contributed till now ……..

    wish u all the best in your life ahead..


  27. Congratulations from Oregon!

    I am so grateful for the good work that you are doing–and that it is online. I feel as though it is a connection to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.


  29. Dear Anurag,

    Congratulations on receiving this very prestigious award.
    You have worked hard to bring the Presence of Sri Aurobindo
    and the Mother more closely to us through your research .
    All the best to you in your continued efforts in this regard.
    Blessings always,
    Anie Nunnally

  30. dear anurag, congratulations on the award. You have been brought up in Their light since childhood. I am sure you will continue to spread Their light in the years to come.

    Love, Madhu

  31. Dear Anurag,

    Congratulations on the award!

    I have been receiving your emails and read with deep interest.

    Continue the good work. May the divine Mother lead your way always.

    With love.


  32. Dear Anurag,

    I am happy to know that you have been awarded “Nolini Kanta Gupta Smriti Puraskar” and that you are the youngest recipient. My congratulations and my prayers that by Their Grace you may progress more and more.

    With warm regards,


  33. Congratulating you on receiving the award- a mark of true recognition for a devout like you. Wishing a long and eventful journey to the organisation. I received a message from Mr. Sukalyan Mukherjee, a member of Overman’s Facebook page, asking to upgrade the same. Hope you will do the needful.

    Kushal Sinha

  34. Dear Anurag ji,
    Please accept our hearty congratulations for this achievement of yours.
    It is indeed a great honour.
    We wIsh you grand success in all your endeavours..

    Warm Regards,

  35. Dear Anurag,

    Hearty Congratulations! You deserved the ‘Puraskar’ for you have done yeoman service to this foundation. I am very happy for your sake and I hope you shall keep the ball rolling. I just opened my mail and received the good news. Wish you all the best.

    Arundhati Chatterjee

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