Fifty Photographs of the Mother’s Darshan of 21 February 1973

Dear Friends,

On 21 February 1973, the Mother’s turned ninety-five. In the Darshan Card distributed on that day, she wrote: ‘The more we advance on the way, the more the need of the Divine Presence becomes imperative and indispensable.’

In the evening of 21 February 1973, the Mother gave Darshan from the east balcony of the second floor of the Meditation House to her disciples and devotees who had gathered on the street beneath, that is, Rue François Martin. On that day, several photographs of her were taken by Sudha Sundaram, Siddhartha Bhabock, Wilfred Pinto and Dilip Hindocha out of which fifty photographs have been published in the website of Overman Foundation.

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.





Photographs courtesy : Ms. Tara Jauhar


12 Replies to “Fifty Photographs of the Mother’s Darshan of 21 February 1973

  1. Simply wondrous ..showring of the Grace , Love and Beatitude —
    – By the Supreme Divine Mother

  2. Sweet Mother, You are always with us protecting us in all circumstances and leading us in our journey to immortality, truth, bliss and ananda. Pranam to Thee with love and devotion.

  3. What supreme grace in her personality! She is an embodiment of love and harmony. Thank you Anurag for posting these pics.

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