Memorial Service on Amal Kiran


A Memorial Service dedicated to the loving memory of K.D. Sethna alias Amal Kiran (1904-2011), was held on Tuesday, 13 September 2011, at the Branch Office of Overman Foundation.

The ceremony, which began with a recorded recitation of Amal Kiran from ‘Savitri’, was conducted by Shri Anurag Banerjee, Founder-Chairman of Overman Foundation, who after narrating a brief life-sketch of Amal Kiran, recalled his association with the versatile genius and also discussed his various aspects, that is, ‘Amal Kiran: the Poet’, ‘Amal Kiran: the Prose-Writer’, ‘Amal Kiran: the Conversationalist’ and ‘Amal Kiran: the Yogi and the Seer’. Some members of the assembled audience who had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with Amal Kiran also shared their fragrant memories.

A short video of the last journey of Amal Kiran was shown at the ceremony.


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  1. Amal Kiran the Poet, Amal Kiran: the Prose-Writer, Amal Kiran: the Conversationalist, Amal Kiran: the Yogi and the Seer. He was none of these–he was simply a genius that grew in the Light of the Master and the Love of the Mother.

    1. Would this be a riddle by any chance?
      If our dearest and most respected Amal Kiran was a genius that grew in the Light of the Master and the Love of the Mother why can’t he be the Poet, the Prose-Writer, the Conversationist, the Yogi and the Seer?
      Amal Shah

      1. This riddle can be answered quite plainly and simply if one understands how someone can call Amal Kiran a genius here, but elsewhere refer to him as a moron as well as someone who tampered with Sri Aurobindo’s poem Savitri. RY Deshpande’s so-called “Republication” of the 1950-’51 edition of Savitri unequivocally reveals what he really thought of Amal Kiran’s work. Actions speak more clearly and truly than words and that is the plain and simple fact.

      2. The Overman Foundation has done well to uphold and value the work done by Amal Kiran.
        The Overman Foundation should now not hesitate to take the next step and denounce individuals like RY Deshpande who behave hypocritically. Because RY Deshpande praises Amal Kiran on these and other public forums just so that he may get heard and gain some visibility or prominence. Whereas on the other hand, as clearly shown on he calls Amal Kiran “untrustworthy” and someone who lacked sense and who might have been under the influence of some dark forces.
        The Overman Foundation should cling to Truth once again, just as it did in the past by removing Srimati Shyam Kumari’s unsubstantiated claim that Sri Aurobindo had written a certain Hindi poem.
        (This should now please Satya V.)

      1. It is so sad that senior members like Deshpande should demean others, especially those like Amal Kiran who deserve all our respect. Seniors should instead be spreading the message of peace, love and harmony. The past is past and taking out one’s frustration on those who are no more doesn’t serve any purpose. We should all work for oneness and unity. The seniors that cannot show us the good way should gracefully step aside or at least desists from making snide remarks. For oneness and peace. laxmi.

      2. This clearly means that if RY Deshpande had any hopes of receiving the much covetted “Auro Ratna” award, his hostile remarks towards a luminary like Amal Kiran must surely undermine his chances of ever getting this award.

  2. It most surely was a result of the Light of the Master and the Love of the Mother that allowed the genius of Amal Kiran to grow more fully into the “poet, “prose-writer”, “conversationalist “yogi” and “seer” that he was.

  3. The Clear ray of Light has parted to whence it came. Another mighty companion soul of our Master and the Divine Mother goes to work from the other side. We owe learning much through his uniquely artful and scultpted words enlivening unforgettable narratives . His trade mark is if he was given even this sentence with just a placement of a word or even a letter he would compel us to laugh.

  4. Dear Dr.Anurag,
    Thank you once again for an excellent exposition.
    The blessings from the Master and the love of the Mother enhanced the wisdom of many.The association with the divine couple, directly and indirectly, opened new avenues and enabled persons like late Amal Kiran to become versatile.As pointed out by many he would continue to enrich all of us from the other side.

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