One Hundred and Seventy-Two photographs of the Mother taken on Lakshmi Puja on 11 October 1954

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Sri Aurobindo writes about Mahalakhsmi in His book, The Mother: ‘Wisdom and Force are not the only manifestations of the supreme Mother; there is a subtler mystery of her nature and without it Wisdom and Force would be incomplete things and without it perfection would not be perfect. Above them is the miracle of eternal beauty, an unseizable secret of divine harmonies, the compelling magic of an irresistible universal charm and attraction that draws and holds things and forces and beings together and obliges them to meet and unite that a hidden Ananda may play from behind the veil and make of them its rhythms and its figures. This is the power of MAHALAKSHMI and there is no aspect of the Divine Shakti more attractive to the heart of embodied beings. Maheshwari can appear too calm and great and distant for the littleness of earthly nature to approach or contain her, Mahakali too swift and formidable for its weakness to bear; but all turn with joy and longing to Mahalakshmi. For she throws the spell of the intoxicating sweetness of the Divine: to be close to her is a profound happiness and to feel her within the heart is to make existence a rapture and a marvel; grace and charm and tenderness flow out from her like light from the sun and wherever she fixes her wonderful gaze or lets fall the loveliness of her smile, the soul is seized and made captive and plunged into the depths of an unfathomable bliss. Magnetic is the touch of her hands and their occult and delicate influence refines mind and life and body and where she presses her feet course miraculous streams of an entrancing Ananda.’ (Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo, Volume 32, pp. 20-21, 2012)

One hundred and seventy-two photographs of the Mother taken on 11 October 1954, that is, on the day of Lakhsmi Puja have been published in the website of Overman Foundation.

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Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.

The Mother with Chimanbhai Patel, Dyuman and Champaklal.

In the following four photographs, the Mother is seen with Champaklal, Kamalaben and Samir Kanta Gupta, the eldest son of Nolini Kanta Gupta.

The Mother with Alan.
The Mother with Sisir Kumar Mitra, Bikash and Champaklal.
From left to right : Namita Sarkar, Sudha Sundaram, Gauri Pinto and Champaklal.
Jay Smith and Maude Smith.
Same as above.
Dayawati Jauhar, Suman, Shyama and Champaklal.
Dayawati Jauhar and Suman.
Charu Chandra Dutt’s son and grandson, Amiya Devi, Rishabhchand Samsukha and Taralakshmi.
Same as above.
Aruna, Champaklal, Rajrajeshwari and Kantilal.
Sudhir Kumar Sarkar and Charu Chandra Deb Sarkar.
Vasudha Shah, Dyuman and Champaklal.
Satyakarma, Ambabhikshu Shah and Urmi.
Pavita, Rutty M., Arjun and Champaklal.
Vidyavrat, Vishwanath Lahiri, Abhay Singh Nahar and Champaklal.
Bina Bhattacharya and Kesarlata.
The Mother with Debou Bhattacharya
Debou Bhattacharya, Champaklal and Albert Patel.
Same as above with Dyuman on the left.
Madeleine, Dyuman, Champaklal and Kiran Kumari.
The Mother with Dyuman.
Purnima Jauhar, Chhanda, Vinod, Ashok G. and Champaklal.

Jyotin, Kalipada and Kamalaben.
Lilavati Dutt (Charu Chandra Dutt’s wife), Dyuman, Champaklal and Kamalaben.
Lilavati Dutt, Lallubhai and Suresh.
The Mother with Manoj Dasgupta.
Same as above.
Lata Jauhar, Vidyavrat, Vishwanath Lahiri, Dyuman, Champaklal and P. Counouma.
Tara Jauhar, Gangaram Malwade, Salil and Champaklal.
Kamalkumar, Panou Sarkar, Dyuman and Ambabhikshu Shah.
Ambabhikshu and Dyuman.
Mona Sarkar, Gama Sarkar and Dyuman.
Dyuman, Chimanbhai and Shivrani.
Tripura and Induprabha.
Nolini Kanta Gupta and Satishchandra.
Stephanie, Dyuman, Anna and Champaklal.
The Mother with Chitra Jauhar.
Champaklal and Chitra Jauhar.
The Mother with Chitra Jauhar.
Same as above.
Chanchalben, Shoma and Champaklal.
Tinakri Banerjee, Ashamanju, Champaklal and Dyuman.
Yogaprabha, Satyendra and Champaklal.
The Mother with Krishnalal Bhatt.
The Mother with Chandra.
Lakshmi Amma and Champaklal.
Light Ganguly.
Light Ganguly and Sashi.
Dyuman, Dr. Prabhat Sanyal and Champaklal.
Dr. Prabhat Sanyal
Madeleine and Champaklal.
The Mother with Shaukat, Champaklal and Kamalaben.
The Mother with Shaukat, Dyuman and Champaklal.
The Mother with Shaukat.
Champaklal, Benjamin and Anurup.

In the following few photographs, Chimanbhai Patel, Dyuman, Champaklal and Kamalaben can be seen on either side of the Mother:

Udayan, Krishna J., Vidyavrata and Champaklal.
The Mother with Prithwi Singh Nahar.
Hriday Bhattacharya and Sudhir.
The Mother with Khodabhai Patel and Champaklal.
The Mother with Ravibala and Vishweshwar.
The Mother with Ananta.
Same as above.
Sumangauri Patel.
Lakshmi K. Patel and Champaklal.
Kashiben K. Patel, Bonolata Sarkar and Champaklal.
Himangshu Niyogi.
Aster Patel and Dyuman.
Madam Suvrata, Dyuman and Champaklal.
Madam Navi, Kamalaben, Shipra and Mahi.
Suzanne Karpelès alias Bharatidi.
Kumudben and Aniruddha Sircar (Babu).
Udayan, Champaklal and Nolini Sen.
Udayan, his mother, Girija and Champaklal.
Udayan with Vidyavrata and Krishnakumari.
Rita Nahar and Durga.
Autoshi, Champaklal and Kamalaben.
Champaklal and Sarala Ganguly.
Gauri Bhattacharya and Dyuman.
Mona Pinto and Champaklal.
Bokul Sarkar (youngest daughter of Nolini Kanta Sarkar).
Udar Pinto.
Jyotindra, Pratap and Champaklal.
Hu Hsu and Kedar.
Priti Dasgupta, Kamal and Sujata Nahar.
Vasudha Shah, Chimanbhai, Dyuman, Champaklal, Mridu.
Chimanbhai, Devidas and Champaklal.
Mina, Kiran, Champaklal and Kamalaben.

In the following photographs, the Mother is seen with Champaklal, Rose, Manju, Kamalaben and Ashalata Mitra (mother of Shobha Mitra).

Photographs Courtesy: Ms. Tara Jauhar, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch.

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  1. Superb pictures. So fortunate are those who could come close to the Mother when she was alive. For us, it is only through contemplating on the Mother that we can aspire to get somewhere.
    Thanks for sharing, Anurag

  2. Many thanks for uploading these valuable photographs. They brought alive the sacred atmosphere of the Mother´s presence!

  3. Thank you so much Maa for this darshan on the day of Diwali Laxmipuja 2021… I can feel thy divine grace arround me on me and within me… Thank you thank you thank you so much…

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