Rare Photographs of Dilip Kumar Roy

Dear Friends,

Dilip Kumar Roy (22.1.1897—6.1.1980) was a famous poet, author, singer, composer, lyricist, musicologist and dramatist. After obtaining his B.Sc degree with first class Honours in mathematics from Presidency College (Kolkata) he left for England in 1919 to pursue higher studies at Cambridge. He passed Part I mathematical Tripos and Part I music special in Cambridge. In 1922 he went to Germany to study Western Music. In the same year he lectured at an international conference at Lugano (Switzerland) and also toured Vienna, Prague, Budapest and other cities to speak on Indian music and culture. He met Sri Aurobindo in January 1924 and interviewed him twice. By the time he joined Sri Aurobindo Ashram on 22 November 1928, he had established himself as a popular singer and composer. In 1953 he went on a world tour as the cultural ambassador of India sponsored by the Government of India. He left Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1953 and settled in Pune where he set up his own Ashram, Hari Krishna Mandir. He received the title of Sur-sudhakar from Sanskrit College (Kolkata) and D.Litt from the universities of Calcutta and Rabindra Bharati. His published works in English and Bengali include The Flute Calls Still, Smriticharan, Sri Aurobindo Came To Me, Among the Great, Yogi Sri Krishnaprem, Hark! His Flute, The Upward Spiral, Netaji: The Man, Pilgrims of the Stars, Aghotan Ajo Ghate, Ashruhashi Indradhanu, Chayapather Pathik, Alochaya Akapakhi, Smriti Joware Dukul Cheye, The Beggar Princess, etc.

22 January 2014 marks the 117th Birth Anniversary of Dilip Kumar Roy. As our humble homage to him a set of his rare photographs has been uploaded in the online forum of Overman Foundation.

With warm regards,
Anurag Banerjee
Overman Foundation.



2Dilip Kumar Roy with Sahana Devi.

3Dilip Kumar Roy with Uma Bose alias Hashi.

4Dilip Kumar Roy with M.S. Subbulakshmi.


6Dilip Kumar Roy with Sahana Devi.

7Dilip Kumar Roy with Yogi Krishnaprem.

8Dilip Kumar Roy with Kalipada Guharoy.

9Dilip Kumar Roy with Swami Sitaram Das Omkar and Indira Devi.

10Dilip Kumar Roy with Swami Ramdas, Krishnabai and Indira Devi.


12Dilip Kumar Roy with Champaklal.

13Dilip Kumar Roy on his 80th birthday in Kolkata.

[Photographs courtesy: Hari Krishna Mandir Trust, Pune and Anurag Banerjee.]


8 Replies to “Rare Photographs of Dilip Kumar Roy

  1. dear sir Dilip kumar Roy came to chennai & Staying with Sadasivam M.s.subbulakshmi family. I could not go to evening MiraBhajan that evening since i was held up elsewhere. I & my sickly daughter missed His Blessings.
    Krishnasamy 88 years old devotee of Dilipji

  2. Thank You for uploading Dilip Kumar Roy’s Rare photographs. Dilip Kumar Roy is a very important part of My life, from childhood. Some time I felt His KORUNA. So I very gratefully to you. Thank you very much. Upload more photograph. I uploaded some songs of this Great man on YouTube. My YouTube account name is ‘Joydeep Banerjee’. Thank you Again.

  3. Dear Anurag ji,your sincere surrender to Sri Aurobindo’action has established ‘Overman Foundation’ in category of ‘Among the Great’.
    Rare and antique photographs and informations about respected Dilip da and his works.Cordial congratulations and salute to your zeal to get us known about working Ashramites.
    ॐनमो भगवते श्री अरविन्दाय।मा मीरा शरणं मम ॐ

  4. Anurag Banerjee, I must thank you for remembering a personality like Dilip Kumar Roy whom very few people know now a days. Thanks for the informative write up.

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