The Mother’s Birth Certificate

Dear Friends,

February is the month in which, on the 21st, the Mother’s birthday is celebrated in the Aurobindonian community. To commemorate the said occasion, we would publish from this week onwards till the 29th of February a series of photographs and documents related to the Mother’s life and works as our humble tribute.

As the first installment of the series, we are publishing the copy of the birth certificate of the Mother. This birth certificate is a part of the Sujata Nahar Papers preserved in the archives of Overman Foundation. A translation of the certificate in English is also reproduced.

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.



[This Sunday 24 February 1878 at 10 a.m., birth certificate of Blanche Rachel Mirra, of female sex, surname as under, born on the 21st of this month at 10:15 a.m., at the home of her father and mother, 41 Boulevard Haussmann, daughter of Maurice Alfassa, banker, aged thirty-five, and Mathilde Ismalun, his spouse, housewife, aged twenty-one, married at Alexandria (Egypt) on 18 June 1874. Under notification of the father, in the presence of the witnesses Aristide Sorel, employee, aged sixty-two, residing at Paris, 47 Rue Rochechouart, and Edouard Biscara, employee, aged thirty-nine, residing at Paris, 11 Rue Vintimille, who have signed with the father and me, Jean-Jacques Alfred Dutartre, deputy mayor. Read and approved:           

                    M. Alfassa       Ade.Sorel         E. Biscara       Alf. Dutartre]




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