Three Rare Photographs of the Mother

Dear Friends,

As the second installment of our special series on the Mother, we are publishing three rare photographs of the Mother taken between 1927 and 1930.

In the first photograph, the Mother is seen coming down from the roof of the Meditation House.

In the second photograph, the Mother is seen with Pavitra, one of Her foremost disciples, in the old Secretariat building. 

In the third photograph, the Mother is seen standing near Her car below the Balcony of the Ashram Main Building with some of Her followers.

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.






10 Replies to “Three Rare Photographs of the Mother

  1. Chronologically, the first two photographs can be dated 1929 or earlier. The building on the left almost hidden in the trees is part of the Old Secretariat.
    The last photograph can be dated October 1930. It shows the New Secretariat as seen from north-west and from Rue Saint Gilles. The Old Secretariat (seen in the first 2 photographs) was demolished and the New Secretariat constructed in its place, which is what we see at present. What we see in the last photograph is a midway stage in the construction of the New Secretariat, and should not be confused with the present building. For more details, read the History of the Ashram Main Building published by the Ashram.

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