Two Important Statements by Monsieur André Morisset, the Mother’s Son, about the Mother’s Departure

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Many are aware of the controversy which had broken out soon after the Mother’s physical withdrawal on 17 November 1973. Two statements issued by André Morisset, the Mother’s son, about the Mother’s departure, have been published in the website of Overman Foundation along with a note of Herr Carlo Schüller.

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Overman Foundation.

The Mother with André Morisset and Pavitra

Here are the concluding portions of the letters André Morisset, the Mother’s son, had written to a couple of non-Ashramite friends several years after the events to which they refer. We are reproducing them from photocopies in which André Morisset’s signature appears. The photocopies were kindly sent from Switzerland to Amal Kiran alias K.D. Sethna by the latter’s friend Herr Carlo Schüller. They throw authoritative light on two events that have been topics of discussion for a long time, particularly the topic of the Mother’s departure from among us on 17 November 1973.

J’ajouterai simplement que j’ai vu Mère tous les jours depuis mai 1973, quand elle a cessé de voir les autres et que j’ai assisté à son retrait qu’elle avait décidé depuis le mois de septembre.

(I shall simply add that I’ve seen the Mother daily since May 1973 when she stopped seeing others and that I have been present at her withdrawal which she had decided upon since the month of September.)

Ce que Mère a dit à Satprem en 1967 et 1973 m’a été aussi dit en des termes presque identiques et j’ai la conviction d’avoir bien suivi ses instructions au moment où elle a quitté son corps. Par conséquent pour moi la question est close et tout réveil de cette question est simplement la manifestation d’un esprit insuffisamment informé.

(What Mother said to Satprem in 1967 and 1973 has also been said to me in almost identical terms and I am convinced that at the moment when she left her body I have followed her instructions well. Consequently the question is settled for me and all revival of this question is simply the manifestation of an insufficiently informed mind.)

Herr Carlo Schüller had also sent the following note to Amal Kiran:

‘Around October 1973 a French disciple quoted André as having told him: “Mère déjà n’est plus parmi nous.” [‘The Mother is no longer amongst us.’] A Swiss disciple remembers André having earlier expressed his respect for Nolini [Kanta Gupta] as the most advanced yogi of the Ashram and strongly suspects that André shared his knowledge about the Mother’s decision with Nolini. For obvious reasons the two men kept their knowledge to themselves. Had they breathed even a single word, it would have raised a tremendous commotion before the Mother’s passing as well as after. In fact it was only a full five years later that André made his only known statement about what the Mother had confided to him.’

André Morisset with Nolini Kanta Gupta

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  1. This is extremely significant. It also upholds Pranab-da’s conviction and his reading of the event. The fact that she had ordered the upper chamber of the Samadhi to be kept ready has every preciousness in it. It was all in “What Thou Willest, Lord, What Thou Willest”.

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