Dr. Prema Nandakumar and Shraddhavan to receive the ‘Auro-Ratna Award’.

Dear Friends and Well-wishers of Overman Foundation,

Since its inception in March 2010 Overman Foundation has aimed to recognize the invaluable contribution of the scholars, writers, researchers and workers of the Aurobindonian movement in various fields. For this purpose, the ‘Auro-Ratna Award’ was initiated to felicitate the ‘true children’ of the Divine, who, as defined by the Mother, are those few who have consecrated all of themselves and all they have—soul, life, work and wealth. In 2010, the recipients of the first ‘Auro-Ratna Award’ were K. D. Sethna alias Amal Kiran, Prof. Arabinda Basu and the late Jugal Kishore Mukherjee while in 2011 the award was given to Shri Robi Gupta, Dr. Kireet Joshi and Dr. Prithwindranath Mukherjee.

Today, on behalf of Overman Foundation, I take the opportunity to announce that the ‘Auro-Ratna Award’ for the year 2012 would be awarded to Dr. Prema Nandakumar and Shraddhavan of Auroville.

Dr. Prema Nandakumar is a famous independent researcher, translator, critic and authoress who writes in Tamil and English. She was the first to submit the thesis of doctoral degree in Savitri (Sri Aurobindo’e epic poem) in Andhra University. It was published as A Study of Savitri in 1962. Her post-doctoral work has been published as Dante and Sri Aurobindo in 1981. She has authored about twenty-five books in English and Tamil. She is a recipient of several awards which include the ‘Sri Aurobindo Puraskar’ and ‘Panditha Ratna’. She has been a member of the Academic Council, Central Institute of Higha Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, Varanasi (1988-91); Member, Board of Studies in English, Andhra University, Waltair; Manba, National Executive of The Indian P.E.N., Senate member of Bharathidasan University and Visiting Professor, Swami Vivekananda Chair, Mahatma Gandhi University. Her published works include titles like ‘A Study of Savitri’, ‘The Glory and the Good’, ‘Dante and Sri Aurobindo’, ‘Subramania Bharati’, ‘Sri Aurobindo: A Critical Introduction’, ‘The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram’ to name a few. 

Shraddhavan is a writer, educator, translator and editor. She was a student of English language and literature at Bristol University in the United Kingdoms who joined Auroville in 1970 and two years later the Mother gave her the name of ‘Shraddhavan’. She is the In-charge of ‘Savitri Bhavan’, the centre for Sri Aurobindo studies at Auroville which emphasizes on Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem, ‘Savitri’. She also serves as the Editor of the journal ‘Invocation’ published by ‘Savitri Bhavan’.

It will be our privilege to hand over the ‘Auro-Ratna Award’, named after Sri Aurobindo, to two of his faithful followers.

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee

Founder and Chairman,

Overman Foundation. 

10 Replies to “Dr. Prema Nandakumar and Shraddhavan to receive the ‘Auro-Ratna Award’.

  1. Excellent decision!Both of them fully deserve the recognition!


    Sachidananda Mohanty

  2. This divine Award is an affirmation of the long dedicated service to the Divine. Dr. Prema Nandkumar and Shraddhavan are the two rare recipients who have invested the Award with supernal dignity. Humility and the pursuit of spiritual excellence in the true spirit of ” All Life is Yoga ” have been the hallmark these pilgrims of the Spirit.

    Surendra S Chouhan – SAICE’ 69

    1. Of course, you may suggest the names of the prospective recipients. Your suggestions would be presented before the Advisory Board members for their consideration.

      With warm regards,
      Anurag Banerjee

  3. This is a great news! Pronam and Love The Award is given to Dr. Prema Nandkumar and Shraddhavan by Overman Foundation is a great news! Convey my heartiest greetings and big congratulations to the ‘Auro-Ratna Award’ recipients!

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