“India and the World-Situation: An Interview with the Mother

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On 10 October 1954 the Mother had granted an interview to Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya who had asked her some questions about India and the World-Situation.

The text of the said interview—which has not been included in the Collected Works of the Mother—has been published in the online forum of Overman Foundation.

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Questioner: In Calcutta a small group of men hold that, as the threat still stands of Communist domination of South-east Asia, it would be in consonance with Sri Aurobindo’s views that India should support America.

The Mother: Why?

Questioner: They refer to Sri Aurobindo’s message on the Korean War, in which he gave support to America’s intervention.

The Mother: That is a very old issue.

Questioner: I have told them as much. I also emphasised that Sri Aurobindo’s moves were always dynamic, global and far-reaching. The world-situation, I said, is not static and the Mother is there to keep up the vast and integral character of Sri Aurobindo’s work.

Mother, let me place before you some of our difficulties. Whenever we go out at the call of the local people to speak on Sri Aurobindo and show them the film of the Ashram activities, some people follow us and slowly introduce some political literature. They take it to be associated with the Ashram and they are confused.

The Mother: Each one has his own idea and finds out suitable sentences from Sri Aurobindo’s writings to support his views. Those who oppose such views can also find suitable sentences from his writings. That is the way mutual opposition works. Nothing can be truly done until Sri Aurobindo’s total view of things is taken.

Questioner: Then, Mother, could we declare that we have no connection whatsoever with those who are in the political muddle?

The Mother: Yes. Have you got my declaration on politics?

Questioner: I have it.

The Mother: I have spoken about the 1957 crisis to Chamanlal and he has published my views. The politicians were reported to be vexed about it. Some asked why I had said nothing about the political trouble in Pondicherry over the question of merger of the French settlements with India. I took up my pen and made a declaration of my views on politics and the present politicians. You may show it to any one who asks about my views on politics.

Questioner: Mother, we think that India shall rise alone…

Here the Mother interposed with emphasis: OUGHT TO RISE…

Questioner: … to show a new way of material as well as spiritual life to the world with no support to any particular country.

The Mother: Yes, with no support to any particular country.

Questioner: Mother, our inference from Chamanlal’s interview with you and from your declaration on politics is that, as India is going to manifest the Divine and establish the Truth on earth, all the Asuric hostile forces are active and trying to find suitable instruments to destroy her spiritual endeavour. And that is why the crisis is coming in 1957—the possibility of a Russo-American war over India. It is our conviction that no man-built power can avoid this crisis. Only the Divine, only you, Mother, can save the world and humanity.

To this came the serene reply of the Mother: Yes.

Questioner: Then is it not our work, who want to take the country ahead, to build a faith and a cohesion of the people in you, since you alone can save the world? Should we not distribute copies of Chamanlal’s interview with you together with copies of Sri Aurobindo’s message of August 15, 1947? The Divine alone can save the world—and since you are here, if India has faith in you, you can raise her, make her a suitable instrument and take the world one step forward in Evolution.

The Mother: Yes.

Questioner: Should we not then declare that we have no connection with those who think political propaganda can do any good?

The Mother: Yes, you can say that you have no connection with them so far as their politics is concerned.

Questioner: Mother, are you not saving and guiding us?

The Mother: I am.


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  1. What follows are some of the Mother’s messages about India:

    “India must be saved for the good of the world since India alone can lead the world to peace and a new world order.” (February 1954)

    “Divine Power alone can help India. If you can build faith and cohesion in the country it is much more powerful than any man-made power.” (February 1954)

    “There must be a group forming a strong body of cohesive will with the spiritual knowledge to save India and the world. It is India that can bring Truth in the world. By manifestation of the Divine Will and Power alone, India can preach her message to the world and not by imitating the materialism of the West. By following the Divine Will India shall shine at the top of the spiritual mountain and show the way of Truth and organise world unity.” (February 1954)

    “The future of India is very clear. India is the Guru of the world. The future structure of the world depends on India. India is the living soul. India is incarnating the spiritual knowledge in the world. The Government of India ought to recognise the significance of India in this sphere and plan their action accordingly.” (February 1954)

    “When India, emerging victorious from a deadly combat, regains her territorial integrity; when, emerging triumphant from a moral crisis that is more deadly still—since instead of killing the body it destroys the soul-contact, a much greater tragedy—India resumes her true place and mission in the world, these petty quarrels over governmental and political rivalries, which consist entirely of personal interests and ambitions, will be automatically resolved in a just and enlightened accord.” (17 April 1954)

  2. What follows is Sri Aurobindo’s message on the Korean War:

    “I do not know why you want a line of thought to be indicated to you for your guidance in the affair of Korea. There is nothing to hesitate about there, the whole affair is as plain as a “pikestaff”. It is the first move in the Communist plan of campaign to dominate and take possession first of these northern parts and then of South East Asia as a preliminary to their manoeuvres with regard to the rest of the continent—in passing, Tibet as a gate opening to India. If they succeed, there is no reason why domination of the whole world should not follow by steps until they are ready to deal with America. That is provided the war can be staved off with America until Stalin can choose his time. Truman seems to have understood the situation if we can judge from his moves in Korea; but it is to be seen whether he is strong enough and determined enough to carry the matter through. The measures he has taken are likely to be incomplete and unsuccessful, since they do not include any actual military intervention except on sea and in the air. That seems to be the situation, we have to see how it develops. One thing is certain that if there is too much shilly-shallying and if America gives up now her defence of Korea, she may be driven to yield position after position until it is too late; at one point or another she will have to stand and face the necessity of drastic action even if it leads to war. Stalin also seems not to be ready to face at once the risk of a world war and, if so, Truman can turn the tables on him by constantly facing him with the onus of either taking that risk or yielding position after position to America. I think that is all that I can see at present; for the moment the situation is as grave as it can be.” (28 June 1950)

    This letter of Sri Aurobindo—written to K. D. Sethna alias Amal Kiran—was subsequently released to the Press Trust of India and published in the “Amrita Bazar Patrika” and other journals under the date 17 August.

  3. The date of this interview being 10 October 1954, how does the topic of the interview of Chamanlal (1957) arise ?
    Prithwindra Mukherjee

    1. Respected Prithwin-da,

      Chamanlal had interviewed the Mother in February 1954. The text of the said interview was published in the March 1954 issue of “Mother India”.

      With warm regards,

  4. In d interview of 1954, the Mother refers “I have spoken about the 1957 crisis to Chamanlal and he has published my views”.

    Beg clarifications about dates.

    Shrikant Soman

    1. In the interview granted to Chamanlal in February 1954, the Mother had referred to a crisis which was supposed to come in 1957. Here is a passage from the said interview: “The Year 1957 will be a very important year in Indian history, like 1757 and 1857. It will see the end of Pakistan and there are serious possibilities of a Russo-American war over India. Many politicians expected war in March 1950 and they came to Sri Aurobindo and told him about it. But Sri Aurobindo did not believe. Once when I asked him he definitely said, “The crisis will only come in 1957.”

      To read Chamanlal’s interview with the Mother about “The Future of India and the World”, kindly click on the following link:

      With warm regards,
      Anurag Banerjee

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