Order Placement Procedure

A catalogue containing the details of the research materials available at Overman Foundation would be provided to the interested researchers and scholars upon written request and according to their requirements, the materials (documents or photographs) would be dispatched to them either through e-mail or by courier. In return a nominal sum of money would be charged as fees. To get a copy of the catalogue, please write to us at the following email addresses:



To place an order for the books and DVDs Overman Foundation publishes or deals with, please send the price mentioned in the respective pages through money order, cheque or demand-draft to our Head Office whose address is as follows (Please note that the payment should be issued in the name of our Founder-Chairman):

                                                Mr. Anurag Banerjee

                                                Overman Foundation

                                     36/3 Prince Ghulam Mohd. Shah Road,

                                             Golf Gardens, Anjali Apartments,

                                                      Kolkata 700033.

Online payment is also accepted.

If the order is placed through money-order, please do send your name, complete postal address, email address and amount remitted on the ‘Space for Communication’ at the bottom of the money order coupon. In case cheques or demand-drafts are sent, please send a separate letter with full details of order and address. Books and DVDs are sent by registered post immediately on receipt of the order with payment.

Transportation expenses are added with the order but if the value of the order equals or is more than Rs. 3000, then no transportation expenses are charged.