Amal Kiran and Prithwi Singh Nahar’s Interviews with the Mother about the Return of Sri Aurobindo.

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Today we are publishing the texts of two interviews of the Mother conducted by Amal Kiran alias K. D. Sethna and Prithwi Singh Nahar in May 1952 and 3rd June 1953 respectively. In these special interviews the Mother had told the interviewers about the possibilities of Sri Aurobindo’s return. 

We are thankful to the Clear Ray Trust, Pondicherry and Shri Nirmal Nahar for allowing us to publish the texts of the interviews.

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Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.


                         Amal Kiran’s Interview with the Mother

At the beginning of May 1952, during one of my visits to the Ashram from Bombay, I met the Mother in her room at the Playground. It was on the eve of my departure. What she had said at the end of 1950 about Sri Aurobindo coming back in a supramental body had been in my mind pretty often in the period after it, acutely missing him as I had done—missing him not only as a most compassionate and illuminating Guru but also as a most delightfully enlightening critic of literature and a correspondent most patient, understanding, intimate and voluminous. So, just before taking my leave, I expressed my hope to have Sri Aurobindo back with us in the future. I spoke too of my concern over world-factors threatening the Divine’s work. The Mother, with great sympathy and kindness in her eyes but with a quiet steady voice, replied:

“The return of Sri Aurobindo very soon is not likely. His going was connected with world-conditions. If world-conditions had been such as could so soon change and be suitable for his presence amongst us, his going itself would have been unnecessary.

“Also, the return cannot be in a startling miraculous manner. That would not be consistent with Sri Aurobindo’s method and our work. A more probable way of return would be: the present occasional visions of Sri Aurobindo which some people see—the almost material appearance he makes now to some people at certain times—may increase; the manifestation may be more frequent and more general, until one day a permanent reappearance takes place.

“One can’t fix the precise time of his return. It may even be five hundred years later. I can’t say anything, since the knowledge has not come to me. I only say things when I get them. This much I have said: Sri Aurobindo will be the first to have the supramental body.

“People keep asking me: ‘When Sri Aurobindo comes back in a supramental body, will he need to eat or drink or do other usual things?’ All these questions are silly.

“Sri Aurobindo’s leaving the body makes no essential difference. Sri Aurobindo is after all a certain consciousness, the divine consciousness, and this consciousness was there even before the earth came. The question of his ‘absence’ has little meaning.

“A world war may destroy civilisation, but it won’t destroy the Divine’s work. Sri Aurobindo once told me that he had so arranged things that nothing would interfere with his work.”  


                   Prithwi Singh Nahar’s Interview with the Mother

‘At 1:26 in the morning [on 5 December 1950] when I was in his room, he was steadily coming out of his body into mine; it was so much that I felt a physical friction in the cells of my body; with it a great power entered into me and I felt capable of resuscitating him. But when I told him, he said, ‘No. It is purposely that I have left my body, I will not come back into it, I will return in a new body, the first body built in the supramental way.’

And she hastened to add: “But he did not tell me the time when he would return.”

Then I [Prithwi Singh Nahar] told her: “Certainly you know the time, Mother, but if I were to ask you would not say it and I know it is good not to ask.”

She smiled sweetly.’



6 Replies to “Amal Kiran and Prithwi Singh Nahar’s Interviews with the Mother about the Return of Sri Aurobindo.

  1. Exquisite Interviews :
    By Gematria:
    AUROBINDO GHOSE = 99+54 = 153
    QUANTUM-BODY = 107+46 = 153
    THE KINGDOM OF GOD = 33+73+21+26 = 153

    Perhaps, in these days, He is existing and working
    in a *Quantum-Body*
    to hasten the process of advent of *God’s Kingdom* on Earth?

    I’m thankful to Mr.Anurag Banerjee for the interviews
    he published.

  2. in the present condition of the worldthere is no possibility of peace and harmony amongst the nations and also withineach nation. every religion has become almost extremist. to solve this yu need a world government overuling individual nations to have world government is not possible witout a supramental beeing in our midst.let us pray for such an event as early as possible so that the world turns into a divinelife as evisaged by him

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