An Interview with the Mother: Sanat K. Banerji’s Notes of Her Words

Dear Friends,

We are happy to share with our readers an interview with the Mother taken by Sanat K. Banerji on 6 March 1950.

Sanat K. Banerji (1911-78) was an I.C.S. officer who was appointed as the Consul General at Pondicherry in 1950. However, he soon joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram as an inmate with his wife, Chandana. He was an accomplished scholar of Indian history and world history and contributed articles in the Ashram journals like Mother India and The Advent.

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Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.

The Mother with Sanat K. Banerji and Champaklal in 1951.

One can think of the Divine and yet play tennis and do any other thing. One does not have to sit down and close one’s eyes to be in contact with the Divine in consciousness.


The aim is to be free. Free from all dependence on anything or any opinion or convention or mental idea. Nothing should be felt as indispensable, no comfort, no circumstance.


Circumstances do not matter and they can never stand in the way of one who seeks with sincerity.


Perfect sincerity is an essential need. Sincerity simply means that you do not deceive yourself. You must have the courage and the patience to look for the slightest pretexts in yourself.


Strength of will is a part of vital sincerity. You must determine to do a thing. The evil of smoking and drinking is simply this that they have a power over your will and they impair it.


Ask with a perfect sincerity and you will get. It is not necessary to have a guru if your call and the aspiration are strong and sincere.


The psychic being is the portion of us that is always in contact with the Divine. Our object is to arrange all the other parts of our nature around this central being.


We are convinced that it is possible to change human nature. We wish to see how and in what manner it can be done among the small group assembled in the Ashram. Once we are successful with this group, the change will come over the collectivity. We do not need any propaganda.


When the Supramental Force becomes effective on earth, the Divine will shall be accomplished through men without their knowing why and how they act as they do. Even now the Supramental works spasmodically, by fits and starts as it were.

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