An Occult Vision of the Mother.

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Today we are publishing an occult vision of the Mother in the forum of Overman Foundation. The text of this vision—originally published in the French journal Cosmic Review edited by Max Theon some time around 1906—has been reprinted in the book The Mother: The Birth and Growth of a Flame published by Overman Foundation.

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Overman Foundation.




 ‘I was asleep and now this on waking up.

‘I slept on the waters to the West, and now I penetrate the ocean to know its depths. Its surface is green like beryl, silvery with the rays of the moon. Below, the water is blue like sapphire and already a little luminous.

‘I am lying on the undulations which are like the ripples of watered silk and I go down, swung from one undulation to another in a regular and soft movement, carried in a straight line towards the West. As I go down, the water becomes more luminous; big silvery currents run across it.

‘And I go down thus for a long time, swung undulation to undulation, always deeper and deeper.

‘All of a sudden, looking above me, I see a rosy tint, I go near and distinguish a bush which is like coral, as big as a tree, hanging from a blue rock. The inhabitants of the waters are going and coming, they are innumerable and diverse. Now I am standing on the fine shinning sand. I look around me with admiration. There are mountains and valleys, fantastic forests, strange flowers which could well be animals, and fishes which one would take to be flowers—there is no separation, no gap between the stationary and the non-stationary beings. Colours everywhere, soft or living and iridescent, but always refined and in accord. I walk on the sands of gold and contemplate all this beauty that is bathed in a soft and pale blue radiance in which the quite tiny spheres, luminous and red, green or golden, are circling.

‘How marvellous are the depths of the sea! Everywhere one feels the presence of Him in whom reside all the harmonies! I advance always towards the West, without getting tired or slowed down. The scenes succeed each other in an unbelievable variety; here on a rock of lapis-lazuli, see tiny and delicate sea-weeds, like long and blond or violet strands of hair; here big rosy walls, all bordered with silver; here flowers which look as if cut in huge diamonds; here shapes as beautiful as if they were the work of the most skilful sculptor; they contain what looks like drops of emerald with alternating pulsations of light and shade.

‘Now I am moving on a sandy way of silver between two walls of rock as blue as a blue sapphire; the water becomes more pure and luminous.

‘Unexpectedly, at a turn of the way, I find myself before a grotto which looks as if carved in crystal, shining all over with prismatic radiance.

‘Between two rainbow-coloured columns there is a being of big stature; his head, that of quite a young man, is encompassed with small blond ringlets, his eyes are green like the sea; he is dressed in a tunic of light blue and on his shoulders there are two big fins, snow-white and winged-shaped. On seeing me, he stands against a column to make room for me to pass. Hardly do I cross the threshold when an exquisite melody comes and strikes on my ears. Here the water is all a rainbow colour, the ground is sanded with iridescent pearls, the parvis and the vault from which grateful stalactites hang are like opal; delightful perfumes are spread everywhere; there are galleries, openings, corners, on all sides, but straight before me I see a great light and it is towards that that I proceed. There are great rays of gold, of silver, of sapphire, of emerald, of rubies; all these rays take birth at a point too far from me to distinguish what it is and they shoot forth in all directions, I feel myself drawn towards their centre by a powerful attraction.

‘Now I see where the rays are emanating form, I see an oval of white light surrounded by a superb rainbow. The oval is lying flat, and I sense and perceive that he whom the light is hiding from my sight is plunged in deep repose. For a long time I remain at the outer limit of the rainbow, trying to pierce the light and see him who is sleeping surrounded by such splendour. Unable to distinguish anything thus, I penetrate into the rainbow, then into the white luminous oval; and then I see a marvellous being: he is stretched over what looks like a pile of white down, his supple body of incomparable beauty is clad in a long white robe. On his head which was resting on his bent arm, I can see only his long hair the colour of ripe wheat, overflowing his shoulders. At this magnificent spectacle a great and sweet emotion invades me, and also a deep reverence.

‘Did the sleeper feel my presence? See, he wakes up and rises in all his beauty and grace. He turns towards me and his eyes meet mine, his mauve and luminous eyes which have an expression of sweetness and infinite tenderness. Without the noise of words he wishes me a touching welcome, to which my whole being responds joyously; then taking me by the hand, he conducts me to the couch he has just left. I stretch myself on this downy whiteness, and the harmonious face bends over me; a soft current of force penetrates me wholly, vitalizing, revivifying each cell.

‘Then, surrounded by the splendid colours of the rainbow, enveloped by the soothing melodies and exquisite perfumes, under such a powerful and tender look, I go to sleep in a beatific repose. And during my sleep I learn many beautiful and useful things.

‘Of all these marvellous things which I understood without the noise of words, I shall mention only one.

‘Wherever there is beauty, wherever there is radiance, wherever there is progression towards perfection, be it in the Heaven high up or down in the depths, everywhere there is assuredly the being in the form and likeliness of man—man, the supreme terrestrial evolver.’



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