An Unusual Darshan of Sri Aurobindo

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We are sharing with all our readers the reminiscence of an unusual Darshan of Sri Aurobindo as recounted by Indubhai, one of the early inmates of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. This reminiscence is followed by another anecdote narrated by K. D. Sethna alias Amal Kiran.

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                                                          An Unusual Darshan of Sri Aurobindo

At the beginning of June 1947—the date may be 4th or 5th—I was inspired (so I would say now) to see Sri Aurobindo. I waited for a second and then went up to Pavitra’s room. Nobody was there. I moved on to the passage leading from it towards Sri Aurobindo’s room. Mrityunjaya was standing outside the room where the Mother used to spend some time during the day. He caught hold of me. I had a short struggle with him, but I broke free.

Thus I moved on to Sri Aurobindo’s room. Sri Aurobindo was sitting on his bed. I stood, respectfully, at a distance. He told me—not by spoken word but mentally—that the Mother’s permission was necessary for coming and seeing him; and he gave a hint on my sadhana. This must have all taken not more than a minute.

Then I went down by the staircase near Amrita’s room. The Mother was giving “Blessings”. I went towards Nolini’s room. I had some yellow “Service” flowers, from which I selected five or six to offer to the Mother. When my turn came to go to her, I gave them into her hand. I have the recollection that the Mother said something like: “You should be obedient.”

I bowed and moved away from there.



Here is the sequel from Mrityunjaya. When Indubhai broke free from him and went in the direction of Sri Aurobindo’s room, Mrityunjaya felt he should follow him to see what was happening. On reaching Sri Aurobindo’s door he saw the Master. It was a serenely magnificent sight. But nobody else was found. Mrityunjaya had not been quick enough. Now he went down the staircase to the Meditation Hall. There he saw Indubhai bowing to the Mother. So he went up again and waited for the Mother to come up after the “Pranam.” On meeting her he told her of what had happened. She said: “He was very restless.” Then, with a smile, she added: “So you too had a darshan of Sri Aurobindo!”

                                                                                                                                                     K. D. Sethna


13 Replies to “An Unusual Darshan of Sri Aurobindo

  1. The Grace sometimes wants us to act in a way which seems strange to human eyes. But everything after all, is Her wish. A beautiful anecdote of sweet compulsion.

  2. How wonderful and captivating all this is to read — Was it not all destined – even
    ” disobedience ” could be rewarding sometime in such rare cases
    Surendra – SAICE ’69

  3. real, temerity,for daring this for the man whom Mother revealed the Supramental descent in Africa in 1956

  4. Dear Anurag,

    Your work for overman foundation for which we derive the benefit is laudable. On this issue while reading the narration about the unique Darshan , one felt as though standing before Him. For a split second ,of course. May be it is a mental construction. Still I thought of telling you this experience very very personally.

    Many thanks

  5. Amal and Indubhai were the only ones who were given the experience of 29th feb 1956 outside of Pondicherry,Amal inthe train taking him back to Bombay and Indubhai in Nairobi ,later when he wrote to the Mother She confirmed it …

  6. Thanks , Benny for this very interesting information of the rarest of rare privilege –
    And –
    Even I would have done what ‘ Indu Bhai ‘ did – come what may – simply break free from any human obstructions and rush to have the ‘ Darshan ” of Lord Sri Aurobindo

    Surendra – SAICE ’69

  7. This type of information are very important to us. Please let me know if you have more information. Thanks for sharing. Atanu da.

  8. What a wonderful read! Sometimes we are like little children who want to be free to do what our heart desires. I actually don’t blame Indubhai for breaking through the barriers. I probably would have done the same, especially if the end result was so beautiful! And as someone says, who could have done it without the Mother’s indirect assent!

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