Facsimile of Sri Aurobindo’s “Last Poems”

Dear Friends,

In August 1952, on the occasion of Sri Aurobindo’s eightieth Birthday, a special anthology of Sri Aurobindo’s “Last Poems” was published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

In this anthology, forty-eight poems, consisting mainly of sonnets, were included and these were among the last written poems of Sri Aurobindo. The publisher’s note declared:

‘…He [Sri Aurobindo] intended to give them all a final revision, but only a few were actually so done. One or two irregularities of rhyming may be noticed, but whether they were purposely meant to be like that or kept only provisionally, it is not possible to say. In several cases, where  it seemed necessary, earlier versions  have been drawn upon for textual collation and the fixing of dates. Where two dates are given for the same poem, the earlier refers to the date of composition and the other to that of revision.

‘The poems are arranged in chronological order and their facsimile reproductions given on parallel pages. There are, at places, discrepancies between the facsimile and the printed text. That is because there exist, in view of changes and corrections made from time to time, several versions of most of these poems and for the printed text the choice was determined by the one which was the most complete and seemed to be the last or final, whereas for the facsimile the needs of photography had to be taken into account, the need of selecting the most suitable one for representation.

‘Except for a few poems which appeared in the quarterly Advent, they are now published for the first time.’

The facsimile of Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Last Poems’ have been published in the website of Overman Foundation.

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.


                                                                              The Divine Hearing     

                                                                             The Indwelling Individual


                                                                              The Hidden Plan

                                                                       The Pilgrim of the Night


                                                                                The Witness Spirit

                                                                               The Inconscient

                                                                              Cosmic Consciousness


                                                                                   The Golden Light


                                                                             The Infinite Adventure

                                                                                       The Greater Plan


                                                                                 The Universal Incarnation

                                                                              The Godhead

                                                                                     The Stone Goddess



                                                                                    The Word of the Silence

                                                                                      The Self’s Infinity

                                                                                          The Dual Being



                                                                                      The Divine Worker

                                                                                The Guest

                                                                                The Inner Sovereign

                                                                           A Dream of Surreal Science

                                                                             Bliss of Identity

                                                                                            The Miracle of Birth

                                                                                            The Body



                                                                                      The Island Sun





                                                                                    The Hill-top Temple


                                                                                      Because Thou art

                                                                                        Divine Sight


                                                                                      The Unseen Infinite

                                                                                  Despair on the Staircase

                                                                          Divine Sense


                                                             Man, the Despot of Contraries

                                                                     The Children of Wotan (1940)

                                                                                The Silver Call



                                                                Man the Thinking Animal





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  1. It was such a revelation – these 48 poems, published in 1952 – that at once it came very close to our heart. Teacher after teacher chose to enhance this subtle humour of Sri Aurobindo by reading out poems of their own liking. We had grown with that RASA contained in this collection!

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