Inauguration of the Online Research Facility at Overman Foundation

On Saturday, 4th September 2010, Overman Foundation launched its online research facility for researchers and scholars who are keen to work on the lives and works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The inauguration ceremony, which took place at the Head Office of Overman Foundation at 7 p.m. began with the rendition of the Mother’s organ music. Mrs. Sanghamitra Banerjee, eminent film actress of the Bengali film industry inaugurated the facility and described the concept as “extremely innovative and unique.”

Mr. Anurag Banerjee, Founder-Chairman of Overman Foundation, in his brief speech said: “An inmate of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, had once told me: ‘What is the need to conduct researches on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother? Just read whatever they have written and practice their teachings.’ The very first part of the inmate’s statement had amused me. How can one abstain himself from conducting research on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother — the harbingers of the New Race — who have contributed immensely for the evolution of mankind and development of humanity! Both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother belong not merely to the past or present but to the future. In fact they are the future. We may claim that we know a lot of them but that’s not enough because even this knowing is limited as their lives had not been on the ‘ordinary surface for man to see’ to quote Sri Aurobindo’s own words. They are just like an inexhaustible goldmine where even if one goes on digging for three centuries all the wealth will not be extracted. Every time we read their works and what they have done for humanity, a new truth is revealed, a new light is obtained. And it is this very light that which we intend to share not only with those who are our co-travellers in the path of Integral Yoga and but with everyone — every single individual who is aspiring for a conscious progress. This is the purpose of establishing the Research Centre at Overman Foundation.

“There is also another purpose for launching this online research facility. Invaluable documents in varied languages related to the lives and works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are scattered here and there, so, it was thought necessary to centralize them for the benefit of the researchers. We can claim that we have been able to achieve this to a certain extent. But, my friends, this is only the beginning. The journey has just begun and we have miles to go. But I can assure you, on behalf of the members of Overman Foundation, that we won’t rest until we have accomplished our mission. It’s a promise.”

The ceremony ended with the playing of the song “Kanokajyoti kalebar dhari” in the mellifluous voice of Dilip Kumar Roy and was followed by a dinner party.

Photos From the Event:

Mrs. Sanghamitra Banerjee at the event.


Mr. Anurag Banerjee ( Chairman) with Kushal Sinha ( Secretary) at the dinner Party


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  1. This is a very laudable & useful begining to bring Sri Aurobindo’s teaching to the masses all over the world.
    I very much appreciate the method to spread Sri Aurobindo’d teaching by e-mail.
    I wish the Foundation all success.

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