Photographs of the Mother taken at Sports Ground


Dear Friends,

February is the month in which, on the 21st, the Mother’s birthday is celebrated in the Aurobindonian community.

To commemorate the said occasion, we would publish till the 28 February a series of photographs and documents related to the Mother’s life and works as our humble tribute.

As the first installment of the series of tribute, a set of photographs of the Mother taken during Her visits to the Tennis Ground was published in the online forum of Overman Foundation on 15 February.

As the second installment of the said series, a set of photographs of the Mother taken during Her visits to the Sports Ground has been published in the online forum of Overman Foundation.

With warm regards,
Anurag Banerjee
Overman Foundation.

















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  1. Thank you very much for the pictures of Douce Mere…it is ecstatic for me to look back on those days and timely too…Dayanand

  2. merci beaucoup, Anurag …for the commendable work of posting us these….for darshan, 21st feb also happens to be Mother’s first birthday in pondicherry a hundred years ago , she left Pondicherry on the 22nd and Her next birthday in pondicherry was celebrated only in 1921…

  3. Thanks Anurag Bhai for nice pictures of Mother.

    Home > E-Library > Disciples > K R Srinivas Iyengar > On The Mother > Coming Of The Childern

    As Nolini Kanta Gupta reminisces about the children’s coming:
    Under the influence of that green new life, dry branches flowered, as it were, in the external life also of us, who were the old… at the age of 60,1 had to join the playground and do gymnastic drill….9
    The participants were divided into groups by the Mother, Nolini being in the Blue Group with Udar Pinto as Captain. By bringing the young and old together on the Playground, the Mother aimed at a purposeful communion and transcendence, hinting at the ultimate emergence of a new race of supermen.

  4. Home > E Library > Disciples > Jugal Kishore Mukherjee > Sri Aurobindo The Smiling Master > Sri Aurobindo’s Humour Of Compassionate Understanding

    Chapter 16
    Sri Aurobindo’s Humour
    of Compassionate Understanding

    Sri Aurobindo’s Reply
        “… It is not a fact that either the Mother or I are turning away from Yoga and intend to interest ourselves only in sports; we have no intention whatever of altering the fundamental character of the Ashram and replacing it by a sportive association. If we did that, it would be a most idiotic act and if anybody should have told you anything like that, he must be off his head or in a temporary crisis or delirious enthusiasm or obsessed by a very upside-down idea. The Mother told you very clearly once through Nirod that what was being done in the playground was not meditation for Yoga but only an ordinary concentration for the physical exercises alone….
       “As for myself, it is surely absurd to think that I am neglecting my Yoga being interested only in running, jumping and marching! There seem to have been strange misunderstandings about my second message in the Bulletin. In the first I wrote about sports and their utility just as I have written on politics or social development or any other matter. In the second, I took up the question, incidentally, because people were expressing ignorance as to why the Ashram should concern itself with sports at all…. I indicated clearly that only by Yoga could there come a supreme and total perfection of all the instruments of the spirit and the ascent of the whole being to the highest level and a divine life on earth and the assumption of a divine body. I made it clear that by human and physical means such as sports only a limited and precarious human perfection could come.
       “In all this there is nothing to justify the idea that sports could be a means of jumping on the Supermind or that the Supermind was going to descend into the playground and nowhere else and only those who are there will receive it; that would be a bad look-out for me as I would have no chance!
       How sweet must have been this last sentence of Sri Aurobindo, how logically clinching and psychologically comforting! – “That would be a bad look-out for meas I would have no chance!”


       But such was Sri Aurobindo who was Compassion Incarnate in the words of the Mother. He did not know how to become angry or irritated; he did not know how to find fault with others. Even ‘righteous indignation’ was far from his nature. With a total and impersonal detachment he could observe and judge everything in its true and universal perspective and find scope for benign humour even in a situation of severest



  5. Home > E Library > Disciples > Pranab Bhattacharya > I Remember Part I > P 186 To 215

    But now in place of an enchained India there stood a smiling, liberated Mother.
    It is this that inspired me to have Mother sit in the Playground in front of the map of India while we marched past her to the accompaniment of the band or did other types of physical activities. On Tejen-da’s encouragement and active initiation we made up the map on the Play­ ground wall first with small leaves and then with cement. Before we started working with cement Mother drew the map of undivided India. And she always stood in front of this map during March-past. And even today her seat is kept there as before. And she continues to preside over us in her spiritual force and greatness just like in former times.

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