Photographs of the Mother’s Family Members

Dear Friends,

Today we are publishing a set of photographs of the Mother’s family members. This collection includes the photographs and portraits of Mira Ismalun (the Mother’s maternal grandmother), Mathilde Alfassa (the Mother’s mother), Matteo Alfassa (the Mother’s brother), André Morisset (the Mother’s son), Janine Panier (André’s eldest daughter), Pournaprema (André’s youngest daughter), Fabienne Panier and Michel Lemaire (Janine’s daughter and Pournaprema’s son respectively).

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.


                                                Mira Ismalun

                                              Mathilde Alfassa

                                     The Mother with Matteo Alfassa

                                               Matteo Alfassa

                                          André Morisset

                                                    Janine Panier


                                    Fabienne Panier and Michel Lemaire

[Photos courtesy: the late Sujata Nahar, the late Pournaprema, Smt. Chum Ganguly and Mr. Anurag Banerjee]

12 Replies to “Photographs of the Mother’s Family Members

  1. The Divine Mother’s mother Mathilde Alfassa has a rare heavenly look on her graceful face. After all she bore the divine consciousness in her womb. Her beauty and discipline make a splendid combination for an ideal mother. Janine I knew personally as a child in the Ashram. She was gentle and soft spoken like a pleasant breeze ! Very kind and warm hearted, she spoke lovingly to us children, told us little stories sitting in the evening under the Balcony, behind the ashram, we playing around on the clean grey cement pavement ! Sweet memories flood me. I often held her hand in admiration of her being Douce Mere’s lovely daughter. Early fifties were the golden age in the Ashram. And Monsier Andre had smiling eyes. He would give us stamps near Noren Singh da’s room. I used to search for Douce Mere’s Face in his features n glow ! Thanks a million Anurag for reawakening

    1. Thank you for pointing out the mistake. It has been rectified.

      With warm regards,

      Anurag Banerjee

  2. Rarely we can meet such divine spirits like The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.They are blessed with the grace of God.I often during my spiritual way have looked into literature of Sri Aurobindo or listen to the organ-music of the Mother.Divine and calming.We should not give up to achieve the holy spirit,because it is the only thing which understand this world.


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