Publication of ‘Ananya Nishikanto’

Dear Friends and Well-wishers of Overman Foundation,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that on 22nd January 2011 Overman Foundation has published its fourth e-book Ananya Nishikanto in Bengali. With this publication, Overman Foundation has become the first organization ever to publish an e-book in Bengali.

Written by Shri Anurag Banerjee, Ananya Nishikanto comprises of some humorous anecdotes as well as about thirty-four unpublished poems of Nishikanto Raichowdhury (1909-1973), one of the greatest mystic poets of Sri Aurobindo Ashram whom Sri Aurobindo had called ‘the Brahmaputra of Inspiration’, most of which have been collected from individuals who were very close to the late poet. A very important attraction of this book is a set of rare epistolary exchanges between Sri Aurobindo and Nishikanto. This book also includes a number of poems of Sri Aurobindo and K.D. Sethna alias Amal Kiran translated into Bengali by Nishikanto and four unpublished poems of the late poet in his own handwriting.

It is bound to be a treat for those who are ardent admirers of Nishikanto’s poetry.

The hard-copies of the e-book Ananya Nishikanto are available at a price of Rs. 20 (twenty) only.

Those who would like to place an order may write to us at the following email addresses:



With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.

4 Replies to “Publication of ‘Ananya Nishikanto’

  1. Dear Anurag-ji,
    In my long sojourn at the Ashram, I have had considerable personal contact with Kobi-da as we all knew him and loved him. In spite of his being a walking encyclopedia of all diseases, he was never unhappy. Here below are two anecdotes :

    1) It was a full moon night. I had come to the beach road. Suddenly the street lights went off. The whole atmosphere became just enchanting and ethereal. Just then I noticed Kobi-da too on the beach, ( all the conversations were normally in Bengali ),
    Sr – Hello Kobi, how are you ?
    Kobi-da – See, how She is betraying me today !
    Sr. – Kobi whom are you talking about ?
    Kobi – ( he showed with his hand the moon in the sky ) How much I have loved her, written so many poems about her, but today she is betraying me ! ( sick people esp. TB patients feel rather more sick on full moon day )

    2) We know that Nishikanto-da had come to Pondicherry from Shantiniketan. Gurudeve was indeed very unhappy that he left. He loved his poetry also immensely. He has written poems both in Bengali as well as English,- many of them have even been commented on by Sri Aurobindo.
    He had three note-books of his poetry,which he was carrying everywhere.
    Kobi-da – Wherever, I went I carried these three note-books. When I came to Pondicherry by train, I had kept these note-books on the wooden upper berth . I thought for a moment and wondered, now that I have come to Pondicherry, I am surrendering to Her everything and why should I be attached to anything, so I left them there in the coach. If these were known,they certainly would have been appreciated world over.
    (This anecdote was told to some of us , just the day before he left his body in 1973. )

    Yours Sincerely,

  2. Anurag,
    I’m most happy to learn about Nishikanto’s book. You have truly done a
    very useful work for us the admirers of Kobida.

    Love and affection

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