Publication of Dr. Prema Nandakumar’s new book, “Sri Aurobindo’s Interpretation of Indian Culture”

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Overman Foundation is happy to announce the publication of its new book “Sri Aurobindo’s Interpretation of Indian Culture” authored by Dr. Prema Nandakumar.

The introductory chapter touches upon the reawakening in India to the glorious past and Sri Aurobindo’s advice in the “Foundations of Indian Culture” not to sleep anymore but heed to the Upanishadic call, “Awake, arise!” Through chapters devoted to “The Vedas”, “The Upanishads”, “The Epics”, “Kalidasa”, “The Classical Age”, “The Puranas” and “The New Efflorescence”, the author has discussed the impact of the deep and wide presence of Sanskrit till one reached the tenth century when the regional languages poured in an infinite amount of literary works making the whole of India impregnable in the matter of recordation.

Through the chapters on “Indian Religion and Spirituality”, “The Four Instruments of Indian Religion”, “The Three Basic Ideas of Indian Religion”, “Why Religion?”, “Sanatana Dharma: The Religion Eternal” and “A Rich, All-round Life”, the author has shown how the term ‘religion’ has had a hard time since the last century, and the educated Indian has been confused to understand the terms, faith and unbelief and explains how Sri Aurobindo’s words bring clarity to us and never allow us to lose ourselves in the fog of depression for he “seems to command us that we should format our lives with the Delight of Existence, the Divine!”

“Sri Aurobindo’s Interpretation of Indian Culture” (hardbound with jacket) is available at a price of Rs. 650. To avail the facility of free home delivery across India, kindly contact us at: (0)9830244192 and

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Overman Foundation.

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