Publication of ‘The Mother: The Birth and Growth of a Flame’ by Anurag Banerjee

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It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Overman Foundation has published its seventh book ‘The Mother: The Birth and Growth of a Flame’ on 8 January 2012. Written by Anurag Banerjee and with a preface by Dr. Ananda Reddy (Director, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research, Pondicherry), this book is a detailed account of the Mother’s pre-Ashram years and covers the course of her life in France, Algeria and Japan till her arrival in Pondicherry and taking charge of Sri Aurobindo Ashram after Sri Aurobindo’s retirement into seclusion in 1926.

Divided into five sections, ‘The Mother: The Birth and Growth of a Flame’ comprises of a number of unpublished materials compiled from the writings of Mira Ismalun (the Mother’s grandmother), Max Theon, Barindra Kumar Ghose and Haradhan Bakshi to name a few along with unknown details and facts selected from the rare writings of Paul Richard, Motilal Roy, Alexandra David-Neel, Suresh Chandra Chakrabarti, Anilbaran Roy, Rajani Kanta Palit and Jaya Devi.

In his scholarly preface to this book, Dr. Ananda Reddy comments about the book and its author:

‘I suppose the work done by Mr. Banerjee belongs to the “present time itself” in which we see efforts to “return towards inner self-discovery, an inner seeking and thinking, a new attempt at mystic experience, a groping after the inner self, a reawakening to some sense of the truth and power of the spirit…”

‘Mr. Banerjee’s painstaking compilation of the details of the Mother’s life is more a narration of the Mother’s life where you see the birth and growth of a divine flame in a human form. It starts from the Mother’s pre-Mirra days, that is with her previous births as recollected by her, and it goes till the Victory Day,24th November, 1926, when Sri Aurobindo withdrew for purposes of sadhana putting the Mother in charge of every one of the sadhaks in the Ashram. The reading is captivating and inspiring because Anurag’s mind displays a mental faith which has an “unquestioning acceptance of all the Mother is, says and does.”… And it is this deep faith and sincerity that mark this book. Distinctly, Anurag’s mind seems to be consciously surrendering to the subject of his study in the spirit of a sadhak of integral yoga and does not display the naked audacity of a researcher who wants to measure himself with the divine being who is the subject of his research!’

Comprising 385 pages ‘The Mother: The Birth and Growth of a Flame’ is available at a price of Rs. 475 (Four Hundred and Seventy Five) only. Please note that it is not an e-book.

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