R.Y. Deshpande’s new books “Running Through Savitri”, “Sanatana Dharma: An Aurobindonian Perspective” and “An Atrocious Biography”.

Dear Friends and Well-wishers of Overman Foundation,

On the auspicious day of Gandhi Jayanti and Durga Asthami, I am happy to announce that three new books authored by Shri R. Y. Deshpande are now available at Overman Foundation.


Savitri is the Yoga of Transformation—that is the entire significance and content, the strength of yogic Savitri. Savitri is the veritable Yoga of Transformation even as it embodies in it experiences of the Master Yogi. Intensely also these are the experiences of the Mother. The Mother has said: “Savitri is an exact description—not literature, not poetry (although the form is very poetical)—an exact description, step by step, paragraph by paragraph, page by page. … The realism of it is astounding.” Running Through Savitri is a compilation of all eight-line sentences in Savitri along with extensive commentaries on the prophetic possibilities that open out for the very Soul of the Divine in the context of the soul of the earth and of the soul of the mortal.

Comprising 740 pages, Running Through Savitri is available at a price of Rs. 800 (Eight Hundred) only.

cover of sanatana dharmaIf we have to look into the merit of Sanatana Dharma it is this which must be the main focus—a new birth taking place in leaping flames of the new fire. There has to be the luminous spiritual perspective and it is that in its trueness which can help us reorganise ourselves, our social structure, it based on the values that derive their strength and their power from the manifesting spirit itself, their beauty and their joy and the bright rushing force of life. Such could be the envisioned Aurobindonian formulation of the fourfold quality of the soul of man, of the soul of the earth, of the soul of the universe, of the soul of heaven. Wisdom and Strength and Beauty and Perfection are its great personalities to which should add also Love and the Joy of the Divine.

Sanatana Dharma: An Aurobindonian Perspective is a collection of essays on the glory of Sanatana Dharma. The themes discussed in this book are The Central Truth of the Hindu Religion, Swaraj and the Musulmans, The Renaissance in India, The Mission of the Vedanta by Swami Vivekananda, The Social Foundations for India, The Fourfold Order of Society, Beyond Chaturvarna—the Mother Explains, Chaturvana in the Karmayogin, The Brahmin—The Mother, The Fourfold Order of Cosmic Manifestation, Yajna in Savitri’s House of Meditation, Prithvi Sukta: Hymn to Goddess Earth, Avatar and Grace, The Gita on Avatarhood, Yoga-Skill-Works, Towards Integral Transformation, Four Luminous Powers and the Story of Creation, Doctrine of the Mystics, The Mother on the Dhammapada, The Significance of Rebirth, Chaturvarna or the Fourfold Personality, The Essence of Gita’s Teaching, The Supramental Sense, Towards the Supramental Time Vision and The Yoga of the Cells to name a few.

Comprising 740 pages, Sanatana Dharma: An Aurobindonian Perspective is available at a price of Rs. 800 (Eight Hundred) only.

an atrocious biography

An Atrocious Biography “critiques systematically and with incisive scientific thoroughness” Peter Heehs’ controversial biography of Sri Aurobindo, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. It also includes thought-provoking essays dealing with themes like Sevenfold Yoga in the Life of Sri Aurobindo, A Set of Rules described by the Mother, The Future of Humanity, Instruments of Higher Knowledge, The Avataric Work: Towards the Intermediate Race, Centennial Celebration of the Theme of Evolution, A Key Statement about the Integral Yoga and Ideas that have a Destiny to name a few.

Comprising 700 pages, An Atrocious Biography is available at a price of Rs. 750 (Seven Hundred and Fifty) only.

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Payment can be made online as well as through money-orders, cheques and demand-drafts.

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