Two Unpublished Letters of Sri Aurobindo

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24 November 2020 marks the 94th anniversary of the Siddhi Day. On this special occasion, two unpublished letters of Sri Aurobindo have been published in the website of Overman Foundation. The first letter addressed to a disciple was written originally in French and the second letter was written by Sri Aurobindo to his father-in-law, Bhupal Chandra Bose.

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Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation

A Letter of Sri Aurobindo in French

Q. Pourquoi l’illusion de la sexualité ne se dissipe-t-elle pas?

A. Trop de racines dans le vital humain. Le sexe, cela a une tenacité terrible. D’ailleurs, la nature physique universelle en a un tel besoin que même lorsque l’homme le repousse, elle le verse sur lui aussi longtemps que possible.


Q. Why does the illusion of sex not disappear?

A. Too many roots in the human vital. Sex has a terrible tenacity. Besides, universal physical nature has such a need of it that even when man pushes it away, she throws it upon him as long as possible.

An unpublished letter of Sri Aurobindo

[This letter was written to Bhupal Bose, Sri Aurobindo’s father-in-law, during his stay at Pondicherry for a short time.]

There is indeed something preparing to descend and the dream was probably a suggestion to you to stay so as to receive its touch after which your sadhana could proceed at home without difficulty, as there would be something else within you doing the sadhana with your constant assent as the one necessity. The only difficulty in the way of health is a certain obscurity in the body consciousness itself which makes it consent readily to habitual touches of the force that makes for illness; otherwise if the body consciousness as well as the mind and vital were open, any illness that came would immediately be dissipated. Keep a quiet and steady will for the opening of the consciousness and the union and do not allow depression or any idea of frustration. Keep also a concentrated call in the heart. With those two things, the result is sure.


7 Replies to “Two Unpublished Letters of Sri Aurobindo

  1. Sri Aurobindo showed us with his own example the transformation of our whole bring in the light of true-consciousness. This needs opening of psychiic, inner purity, aspiration, maintaining calmness, calling the Mother’s force and above all strong belief.

  2. Read both the unpublished letters with interest. Interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing, Anurag.
    Looking forward to more such gems that would have been lost, but for your relentless research at Overman Foundation

  3. Dear Anurag Banerjee

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us the beautiful words of Sri Aurobindo in the form of his letters. It is awe-inspiring how lovingly and with great dedication you have been able to find the unpublished material of Sri Aurobindo and enlightened us with his great thoughts.

    ‘Thanks’ isn’t enough to express our gratitude to you for all the good work you have been doing with the blessings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.


    Giti Tyagi
    Editor, Creative Artist, International Author & Poetess,
    Book Reviewer, Translator
    Author of ‘Priceless Pearls’ & ‘Crossroads And Other Stories’
    Former Senior Lecturer
    MM University, Ambala, India
    Educational Consultant

  4. Thanks for gifting us this unique gift of unpublished letters. I fid not know that Sri Autobindo guided his father in law as well, that too when the latter came to ashram to stay. Both letters are of great importance. Thanks Overman F. for this invaluable wok u are doing for thr public.

  5. Sorry, I am late in inserting in this comment paragraph. I heard from my mother (Late) Jyotirmoyee Sen about this remark of Sri Bhupl Ch Bose. It was the year 1936. Our family had been holidaying in Ranchi. My father (Promode Kumar Sen- author of Sri Aurobindo : Jeebon O Jog ) had gone to meet Sri Bhupal Bose at his residence in Ranchi . On asking about Sri Aurobindo, Sri Bhupal Bose had remarked, “Yes ,he was my son-in-law, but now he is my Guru” . My father died young and my mother had exceptional good memory till late her age. I thought of quoting this in this space .

  6. These letters are not unpublished letters, especially written in French.
    So they can be removed as they were published long ago.

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