A Message from the Chairman

Dear Friends,

Ever since we have launched the online research facility at Overman Foundation in September 2010, we have received a wonderful response from all those who are a part of the Aurobindonian community. We receive e-mails from many people with the request of informing them about the nature of the research materials we possess. But at times we receive certain e-mails in which we are asked about the “price” of our primary materials.

 For the benefit of all, I take this opportunity to inform all the friends and well-wishers of Overman Foundation that the primary research materials we have collected with immense efforts are not for sale. We work to provide assistance to scholars and researchers who are interested in the lives and works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and accordingly we charge a nominal price for the services we render. But under no circumstance should one assume that the priceless research materials we possess at Overman Foundation are for sale. Moreover, we intend to publish them in due course of time in our forthcoming projects.

We sincerely hope that we would continue to receive your warm encouragement and support as before.

 With warm regards,

 Anurag Banerjee,


 Overman Foundation.

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