Photographs of the Mother during Christmas Celebrations

Dear Friends,

Wish you all a Merry Christmas!

On 25 December 1929 the Mother had distributed little bunches of the leaves She called ‘New Birth’ to the members of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. This was the earliest reference of Christmas being celebrated in Sri Aurobindo Ashram. In 1944, on the occasion of Christmas, the Mother had asked Mona Pinto (In-charge of ‘Golconde’) to organize a little celebration for the children who had joined the Ashram with their parents due to the outbreak of the Second World War. This celebration was organized at the residence of Mona Pinto which was situated in front of the present Ashram Library. A couple of years later it was decided to organize Christmas celebrations in the Playground. For about ten years, Christmas was celebrated at the Ashram Playground and the Mother sat near the Christmas tree and distributed gifts to Her children. From 1958 Christmas was celebrated in the Ashram Theatre where the Mother distributed the Christmas gifts till 1961. Though She stopped visiting the Theatre to distribute gifts, She continued to give special messages during Christmas till 1972.

On the occasion of Christmas, almost all the available photographs of the Mother taken during Christmas in various years have been published in the website of Overman Foundation. These photographs were taken by Venkatesh, Chiman-bhai, Amiyo Ranjan Ganguli and Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya.

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Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.

                                   The exact dates of the following photographs are not unknown.

                                    The following photographs were taken on 25 December 1960.

The following photographs were taken on 25 December 1961. This was the last time the Mother went to the Theatre to celebrate Christmas.

                                                                                                Photographs courtesy: Ms. Tara Jauhar.

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  1. Beautiful .
    Many thanks for sharing these beatific celebrations of Christmas with the Divine Mother ..
    Surendra s chouhan’ 69 – SAICE .

  2. Thank you for this banquet of photos. Below are some of the messages she issued on the Christmas, her answer to a question and an extract from Mother’s Agenda.


    Hail the new light.
    That it may grow in all hearts.



    The time has come for the rule of falsehood to end.
    In the Truth alone is salvation.



    We want to show to the world that man can become a true servitor of the Divine.
    Who will collaborate in all sincerity ?

    (The Mother’s prayer to Father Christmas)

    Father Christmas,

    I evoke you today!

    Answer our call. Come bearing all your marvellous gifts.

    You are the great dispenser of worldly possessions;
    you are the untiring friend who hears every request and grants it generously.
    Give each one the material object he desires,
    and as for me, give me enough,
    give me much so that I may give largely to all.


    (Significances of the gifts offered by the three Magi to Jesus at the time of his birth )

    Gold: wealth of the world and supramental knowledge.
    Frankincense: purification of the vital.
    Myrrh: immortalisation of the body. – The Mother


    Sweet Mother,

    Why do we celebrate Christmas here? What special meaning does this day have for us? And why is a distinction made here between Europeans and Indians on Christmas Day?

    The Mother’s answer: Long before the Christian religion made December 25th the day of Christ’s birth, this day was the festival of the return of the sun, the Day of Light. It is this very ancient symbol of the rebirth of the Light that we wish to celebrate here.

    As far as I know, everyone in the Ashram is allowed to come to the Christmas tree and the distribution.

    The custom of sending special baskets to the Europeans and Americans comes from the fact that in those countries they usually give presents to each other on Christmas Day, instead of on January first. That is all.

    Blessings. The Mother

    *********************************** *

    A young Muslim girl who had a special liking for “Father Christmas” – don’t know why, as it was not part of her religion! Without saying a word to me, she called on Santa Claus and told him, “Mother doesn’t believe in you; you should give Her a gift to prove to Her that you exist.

    You can give it to Her for Christmas.” And it happened!… She was quite proud.

    (Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 1, Page 176)

  3. Light and divine Love and the Mother’s Presence reign and rain gifts galore on all those
    present then as even now!
    Grateful for the fesast of pfotographs of the Mother with Pavitra and Udaar!


  5. Benimadhav Mohanty’s Facebook post dated 23 December 2017

    “The children enjoyed the celebrations so much that it was decided to hold it the next year also. The Christmas celebration was then held at Fenetres after Udar, Mona and Gauri moved there a few years later. Mother decided that henceforth the distribution of presents would be for everyone in the Ashram and that it would be held in the Playground. For the next 10 years or so the Christmas tree was decorated and lit up at the Playground; it was a simple affair, and young and old participated in the cheerful mood of the celebration. Mother herself sat near the tree and distributed presents.

    In those days the Ashram’s finances were very limited, so the presents which were given to the children were not new toys which were bought. What the children got in their little packets from Mother was re-cycled material. The tennis balls with which Mother played were afterwards passed on to the other players. When the balls were completely worn out they were dyed in bright colours and distributed to the children at Christmas. And small eggless cakes, with chocolate topping, made in the Ashram bakery, were also one of the gifts.”

    1. “The tennis balls with which Mother played were afterwards passed on to the other players. When the balls were completely worn out they were dyed in bright colours and distributed to the children at Christmas. And small eggless cakes, with chocolate topping, made in the Ashram bakery, were also one of the gifts.”

      I started crying reading this. She is the sweetest Mother indeed!

      1. had read in Mother’s touch, Vasudhaben offering an embroidered sari to Mother for wearing in the 30’s, and She said I will wear it for you but have been wearing the same sari for years after repairing it, made me cry…

  6. Benimadhav Mohanty’s Facebook post dated 23 December 2017

    “Even though everyone enjoyed this little celebration, the Playground, as it turned out, was not the ideal place. Sometimes it rained and everything had to be hurriedly taken in to one of the rooms and at other times there were strong winds and the decorations on the tree would get blown away. In 1956 the Theatre Hall was constructed and it was then the biggest covered space in the Ashram. From 1958 the Christmas tree was decorated at the Theatre and Mother distributed the gifts there. Probably the last time that Mother came to the Theatre for Christmas was in 1961.”

  7. Each of us also got two walnuts in our gift bag from Douce Mère.
    Some time later, we got toys offered by Mr Patel (Ashok Patel’s father, who lived in Singapore.) I had got a child on a tricycle that went round & round, when keyed.
    My sis got a small donkey that trotted cutely. Those were the days !

  8. I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful photographs and reading the comments.
    I feel MOTHER is always with me. Thanks a lot everyone.

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