Photographs of the Mother’s pre-Ashram years

Dear Friends,

As the concluding installment of our special series on the Mother, we are publishing a set of photographs of the Mother’s pre-Ashram years. Taken between 1896 and 1920 these photographs—which have been arranged sequentially—cover the Mother’s life in France, Algeria and Japan.

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


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7 Replies to “Photographs of the Mother’s pre-Ashram years

  1. A great service to the followers of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
    Please send as many photo’s that are available so that we can have darshans of our Lords in their earlier ashram years.

  2. Mr Anurag Banerjee,

    Victory to the Sweet Mother. Thanks for sending Mother’s pictures and also for occasional despatch of different features & information. Wish you success.

    With best wishes & regards

    Rajat Mitra
    Saurabh Mitra

  3. Thank you. I disagree with Mrs. Tulsi, I think that to see her young and beautiful is important too, because wherever she is now, I am sure is is in a radiant, fresh form as she hated the wear and tear of old-age, she wanted to do away with all that for all of us human beings!

    Namaste and thank you!

  4. “Of the beautiful, the most Beautiful !” I would say as did Vasari of Raphael. Ever so lovely that one begins to smile even as one thinks of Her captivating etherial face ! And the light that shone from Her beautiful eyes, Her smile that showered unearthly Love, Her touch soft like a rose that turned all to bliss, our Sweet Divine Mother was a marvel who changed Pondicherry into Paradise ! Those were the years … Dear Anurag it is an indescribable joy to see these pictures of Douce Mere.

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