Poem Written on the Occasion of Sri Aurobindo’s Marriage

Dear Friends,

Today we are publishing the translation of a poem written on the occasion of Sri Aurobindo’s marriage with Mrinalini Devi on 30 April 1901. In those days, the relatives of the bride used to write a poem and distribute it among the invited guests to commemorate the wedding ceremony. The original poem titled Mrinale Aurobindo was written by Nirodemohini Devi, a relative of Mrinalini Devi.

The translation is quoted from the book Smriti-Tirtha written by Anshu Banerjee.

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.


                                Mrinale Aurobindo

                            The moon is smiling in the clear sky

                            With her smiling a multitude of stars

                            Flowers smiling in the garden

                            Queen Nature is smiling beside herself.


                            Vernal breeze is blowing gently

                            A delighted stream is gurgling merrily

                            All-round everything is fervently smiling

                            What a beautiful night it is.


                           Moonlight intoxicating the world

                           Wherever one looks, everything is smiling

                           Gaiety, as if has engulfed the earth

                           What an auspicious moment is today.

                           Today at this auspicious hour

                           Mrinal weds Aurobindo

                           With sweet smelling blossoms and

                           A garland of flowers in hand,

                          Adorned with charming ornaments

                         What a profoundly admirable sight for the eye

                         With cheerful countenance and delightful mind

                          Everyone together blessing them.

                         Grateful Supreme Lord and your prescript

                          In this earthly life you are the treasure-house of love

                          That’s why you have united them as one life

                          Tied them in an eternal knot.


                            Now we beg at thy feet

                            Keep the two ever happy

                            From all obstacles of life

                            Protect, O Lord these two lives

                            Adopting Truth’s shelter both

                            Should stay as Thy servants

                            In happiness or in sorrow, both

                            Should never ever forget Thee.


19 Replies to “Poem Written on the Occasion of Sri Aurobindo’s Marriage

  1. Dear Friends,

    Following the advice of respected R. Y. Deshpande, I am quoting the original poem in Bengali in Roman script so that those who know Bengali can read it.

    Mrinale Aurobindo

    Nirmal akashe, hashe sudhakar,
    Tar sone hashe taraka nikar;
    Hashiche kusum udyan bhitor,
    Heshe pagolini prokritirani.

    Moloy sameer bohiche mridul
    Ullashe tatini, bohe kulkul,
    Charidike sobe hashiya akul
    Hoyeche aaji ki sukhojamini.
    Chandrama aloke, jagat mataye,
    Jedike nirokhi, sobi hashimoy,
    Hashi rashi jeno cheyeche dhoraye,
    Kiba shubhokhon, hoyeche aaji.

    Ajike a shubho mahendrokhonete
    Miliche Mrinal Aurobindo sathe,
    Sugondhikusum, bormalyo hathe,
    Nanabidh charu bhushone shaji.

    Mori mori kiba nirokhi nayane
    Shobhe Mrinalini Aurobindo sone,
    Profullo boyane, pulokito mone,
    Ashish koriche, sokole mile.

    Dhonnyo poromesh, tomar bidhan,
    A songshare tumi, premer nidhan,
    Tai a dujone, kori ek pran,
    Ananto bandhane bandhiya dile.
    Ebe ei bhikkha magi tobo pode,
    Dohare sototo rekho kushalete,
    Songsharer nana badha bighno hote,
    Rokkha koro deb, a duti jibon.

    Satyer ashraye loiya ubhoye,
    Thake jano tobo dash dashi hoye
    Sukhe kiba dukhe ubhoye miliye,
    Tomare jeno go na bhule kokhon.

    With warm regards,
    Anurag Banerjee

  2. It is such a beautiful poem. It is as if God is preparing for marriage with the Prakriti, the Nature, the whole environment is under such a wonderous spell.

  3. Immediately after marriage, Aurobindo and Mrinalini went for their honeymoon to Nainital. I’m curious to know how they did reach the place in 1901. Was the metalled road ready by then or they took horses?

  4. Dear Anurag,

    What a sweet sweet poem! what a lovely person who wrote this beautiful verse! thank you, dear anurag, for sending it to me. i will look forward to reading this poem again and again.


    1. Dear Anuragjee
      Since you started put thid cotact to us I am very thankful to you pl. keep it up. May the Divine touch us through you May God Bless you.
      Regards, Vijen, 126 Whitton Avenue, Easrt, Greenford, mIDDX.UB6 OPY UK

      1. Dear Vijendra-ji,

        Thank you for your encouragement and best wishes.

        With warm regards,

        Anurag Banerjee

    1. Thank you for pointing out the mistake. The actual word is ‘Dohare’. I have rectified the typing error.

      With warm regards,

      Anurag Banerjee.

  5. Dear Sri Anurag,thanks for such a rare and wonderful info.,u r providing on Mother n Master from time to time,which we wouldn,t have seen elsewhere.Thanks once againg…Prof.APRao.

  6. Kindly give the original in Bengali script.
    I have been looking from several days the original in Bengali of ‘ Sagarer Sangit by C.R. Das. i have read several times the translation of Sri Aurobindo in Songs of the Sea.

  7. I am remembering Nirod Da as he asked all about Mrinalini Devi to
    Sri Aurobindo and its a happy poem as Sri Aurobindo always loved his
    wife so dearly all his life and showed what a marriage is all about and
    Mirinalini Devi shared some happy moments that really makes it a happy
    occasion poem.

  8. Dear Anurag,
    You are doing a wonderful job. Thanks for posting this simple yet touching poem. The happiness in nature and the blessing prayed for for the couple seems to uplift our hearts as well.

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