Publication of Shrimat Anirvan’s anthology of unpublished writings “Rachana-Vichitra”

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Shrimat Anirvan (8 July 1896—31 May 1978) had mastered the Astādhyayi of Pānini at a very early age. After completing his formal education he renounced the world and became Nirvanananda Saraswati. But after a few years he dropped the ochre robes and changed his name to Anirvan by which name he became known to the world at large. He spent a number of years in Lohaghat (Almora) where Madame Lizelle Reymond, a Swiss spiritual seeker, joined him and literally took him to the West through her books. He later shifted to Shillong in Assam and finally to Kolkata where he spent his last years. His first book was a Bengali translation of Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine which was described as a “living translation” by Sri Aurobindo himself and was published in two volumes between 1948 and 1951. Another sister-publication, Yoga-Samanvaya-Prasanga, based on Sri Aurobindo’s The Synthesis of Yoga, was published in 1961. According to Ram Swarup: “In translating Sri Aurobindo’s works, he was paying his debt to an elder brother and old friend from another life, as Shri Anirvan once said.” But the centre of his studies was the Vedas on which he acquired a rare mastery over the years. His other published works include his magnum opus, Veda Mimāmsā, (published in three volumes), Upanisad-Prasanga (three volumes on Īsa, Aitareya and the Kena), Gitānuvacana (three volumes), Vedānta Jijñāsā, Pravacana (four volumes) and several others.

On the occasion of Shrimat Anirvan’s 121st Birth Anniversary, an anthology of his unpublished writings in Bengali (compiled and edited by Bratati Mukhopadhyay and Sanjoy Biswas) titled Rachana-Vichitra has been published by Overman Foundation.

Rachana-Vichitra contains a number of thought-provoking articles on varied themes like spirituality, celibacy, education, sex-education, Aurobindonian philosophy, integral yoga along with a number of short stories and book-reviews written by the great savant. The titles of some of the articles included in this anthology are as follows: Bharatiya Sadhanaye Ma, Aditi, Shaktikatha, Mahashaktir Chaar Roop, Mahavakya-Vichar, Krishnakatha, Nabayoga, Sufibaad, Shikkha o Sanskar, Shikkhar Pran, Shikkhaye Jatiyata, Brahmacharya, Shishyer Mantra, Shikkhito Samaj, Shikkha-Mangal, Shikkha-Prathisthan, Niyam-Sanjom, Shashok, Nayak, Shikkhar Totka, Shikkha-Sanskar, Shikkhaye Samadhi, Shikkhak, Shikkhak-er Manovijnan, Shishumedh, Bartaman Shikkha, Chatra-samasya, Shikkha-prasange, Sharirik-Shikkha o Jouna-vijnan, Rupantar, Abhimani Chele, Shanto Shashon, Nachiketar Katha, Dharmadatta, Raja Kushik, Shukdever Janmakatha, Tatir Meye, Thakur Shri Shri Nigamananda-dev, Satabdir Surya, Manushing Tanum Ashritam, Sri Aurobindo-er Jiban-darshan, Sri Aurobindo-er Purna-yog, Bande Mataram, Sri Aurobindo Pathamandir, Rabindranath o Sri Aurobindo, etc.

Consisting of 227 pages, Rachana-Vichitra (ISBN : 978-93-83165-52-0) is available at a price of Rs. 300 (Three Hundred) only.

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