Sujata Nahar: Loving Homage—A Review by Surendra Singh Chouhan

Sujata Nahar: Loving Homage. Compiled and Edited by Nirmal Nahar and Anurag Banerjee with a foreword by Samir Kanta Gupta. Published by Overman Foundation, Kolkata. No. of pages: 150. Price: Rs. 120.

 – ‘It is the Truth alone which triumphs, not the Falsehood’ –  Mundak Upanishad

Anurag Banerjee—the editor courageous has done it again. His perseverance has paid off  handsomely as the effort is larger in its scope and amplitude than what one could have imagined. This publication provides immediately an ideal platform and an opportunity to take us off deeper in unraveling the mystery shrouded around the life  and the sadhana of Sujata and Satprem during their long years of exile from the Ashram and the great departure from this earthly scene to their true home in the bosom of the Divine Mother .

Anurag Banerjee has a knack of springing surprises – but this publication titled simply as “Sujata Nahar – Loving Homage” surpasses all the previous ones and fulfils our expectations in ample measure and sets right several events in true perspective as we glean through the letters, tributes and the interview with Nirmal Nahar.

This slim and trim booklet with memorable photographs is a collection of garland of letters and tributes poured in from numerous admirers spread all over the world, reviving the fragrant memories of the twin souls – Sujata and Satprem who walked hand in hand to  hew the pathways of the supramental world. These wonderful lines from Savitri perfectly express the formidable task which they undertook to carry out:

                                   “As a star uncompanioned moves in heaven

                                    Unastonished by the immensities of space

                                    Measuring infinity by its own light

                                    The great are strongest when they stand alone.”

 This book depicts the heroic saga of the twin souls who stood firmly against all odds on the bedrock of their inner convictions and certitudes that the mission and challenge of the supramental transformation would go on until the end as the Divine Mother had wished and ordained them to accomplish. Satprem finally confirmed this to his dear confidant ‘Le travaille est fait’ in glowing written note announcing that the Work Is Done!

The unflinching quest of Sujata and Satprem for the supramental fulfilment can not be written about singly focusing only on one personality. They were inseparable in life and more so Beyond life. Therefore, these loving homages reveal to us much more than what simple tributes would have done. These revelations altogether shed a new light and discoveries of their supramental sadhana and the unspeakable struggles.  Satprem the one who loves the TRUTH as the name suggests, was very dear to Douce Mere. She chose Satprem and Sujata as the trusted instruments to record for posterity Her experiences of the different stages of the Supramental transformation down to the very cells of the body. Year after year Satprem and Sujata were the sole recipients of the supernal mysteries of the arduous supramental transformation as SPOKEN to them by the Divine Mother. One has only to read the Agenda to know the flaming intensity with which each experience in minutest detail was conveyed by Douce Mere to Satprem and Sujata. These were the dialogues of the pathways to Supramental infinities and epiphanies—the UTTAMAM RAHASYA—the supreme secret when the time stood still.

The Divine Mother had implanted and ignited the Supramental AGNI in the heart and Mind of Satprem which did not allow him to rest until the WORK was accomplished – and Satprem along with Sujata worked tirelessly to realize and manifest the Supramental Truth NOW and not some time later. Their souls were oceaned by super life aspiring beyond heaven to touch, to clasp and be the image of the Supramental Godhead. Slowly and slowly they dug deeper and deeper into the very heart of the Supramental mystery and, finally, the Son of Earth emerged with resplendent glory and a  cry of victory as the worthy inheritor of the Supramental Legacy: Le  travaille est  fait—The work is done— rapturously exclaiming to Sujata that it was the victory of our Mother – Our Mother – Notre Mere ! One has only to imagine the depth of Satprem’s feeling and the boundless love for the Divine Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

“Loving Homage” is, in a sense, a veiled biography of Sujata and Satprem expertly produced and edited through a collage of letters and reminiscences  by distinguished luminaries and friends who loved Sujata and Satprem.

This publication has also introduced a new and fresh genre of work in and through which we get the glimpses of the hitherto unknown facts of the life and the supramental sadhana of the twin souls in exile.

 “Sujata Nahar: Loving Homage” has also put to rest once for all the unsavoury controversies surrounding the intentions and motives of Sujata and Satprem and their whereabouts.  As a detached observer we see that Sujata and Satprem emerge unscathed in all this as they were carrying out only the will of the Divine Mother.

We read with delight the insightful letters and tributes which are heart warming and intimate in their adoration and bring out the innate gracious sweetness of Sujata-di—a soul of Light and Delight. We also note the amazing versatility of Sujata-di as a luminous writer, an astute compiler and a sharp communicator par excellence at once fearlessly frank.

Satprem wrote ceaselessly as well and his writings are marked with the powerful Upanishadic seer-vision and prophetic touch. His celebrated book Sri Aurobindo or The Adventure of Consciousness has already become a classic.

Editorial is a ‘tour de force’ what Anurag Banerjee set out to do—and has done in meticulous detail through dazzling array of letters and tributes—was to authenticate the vision and mission of Satprem and Sujata-di which he regarded as TRUE. It is almost a biographical note of the twin souls covering the wide spectrum of their supernal lives.

A gracious foreword by Ronju-da [Samir Kanta Gupta] gives a perfect start of the book .

Appreciations are also due to Nirmal Nahar and Suprabha Nahar for their fruitful assistance in making this publication an immensely fruitful and joyful venture—an adventure of consciousness and Joy.


Surendra Singh Chouhan


About the Reviewer: Shri Surendra Singh Chouhan is an ex-student of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (SAICE); after finishing his Higher Course he taught for a year in SAICE. He is an international educator and presently teaching Philosophy to the Chinese students inShanghai under the auspices of Shanghai Normal University.




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  1. Shri.Surendra Singh Chouhan`s review is exemplary.I thank him for taking us to a level that is significant in all aspects.For mortals like me any exposition that deals with TRUTH energises the hidden urge to learn and experience the sublime joy .Love is the essence of eternal bliss.Any experience that brings us closer toThe Supreme takes us to a beautiful place that is filled with peace and tranquility.One of the tools that helps us to experience such a feeling is a good writing/ message.It is essential for every one to be exposed to such writings to enjoy this life with utmost happiness.I congratulate both Shri.Chouhan and shri.Anurag .The life of Sujata and Satprem has helped us to know about the intricacies associated with Atma and it`s bondage with the Paramatma.

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