Swami Pratyagatmananda Saraswati’s “Japasūtram”, Anirvan’s “Inner Yoga” and “Buddhi Yoga and of the Gita and Other Essays”.

Dear Friends and Well-wishers of Overman Foundation,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that the following notable books are now available at Overman Foundation.


Written originally by Swami Pratyagatmanda Saraswati in Bengali and translated into English by Prof. S.N. Roy, Japasūtram: The Science of Creative Sound begins in a discursive and dramatic way, and in a manner which seems to be inclined to metaphorical and pictorial thinking. The present small book tells especially of vak and prana, of varnamala or the Creative Exponents, of nada, bindu, kala and ardhamatra, in very general terms. This may stimulate an interest for a closer and deeper study as amplified and illustrated in Japasūtram.

Comprising 300 pages, Japasūtram: The Science of Creative Sound is available at a price of Rs. 350 (Three Hundred and Fifty) only.

inner yoga

Written originally in Bengali by Anirvan and translated into English by Simanta Narayan Chatterjee with an introduction by Ram Swaroop, Inner Yoga includes eleven philosophical articles based on the themes of The Eight-Limbed Yoga: The Outer Practices, The Eight-Limbed Yoga: The Inner Practices, Japa Yoga: The Four Limbs, Dhārana Yoga: The Three Regions and Four Centres, Mantra Yoga: The Mystery of Ajapā, Dhāranā Yoga: Fixation within the Body and outside It, Dhyāna Yoga: The Three Limbs, Samādhi Yoga: Bhāva and Bhāvanā, Yoga: From the Outer to The Inner, Yoga with a Support and Yoga without a Support: The Yoga of Sleep. The subject of this book is transformation of life and awareness of a larger life that surrounds us. In ordinary course, a man looks outwards but when he learns to turn his gaze inwards he becomes aware of a secret life, a larger life buried within. Through earnest endeavour and devout invocation, this life can become dynamic and manifest. The process, method and concepts connected with Yogic development have been discussed with great scholarship and insight by Anirvan.

This book is not a guide for practising Yoga but understanding, experiencing and articulating Yogic states after intense sadhana.

Comprising 100 pages, Inner Yoga is available at a price of Rs. 150 (One Hundred and Fifty) only.

buddhi yoga of the gita

Buddhi Yoga of the Gita and Other Essays is a collection of Anirvan’s articles written originally in English. The themes of the said articles are Buddhi and Buddhiyoga, Vedic Exegesis, Veda-Mimāmsā, Veda-Mimāmsā: The Background, Spiritual Values, The Spiritual Quest, New Hopes and Sri Aurobindo and the Mystery of Death. In these topics, the author covers a wide area, and directly and indirectly, touches upon most of the salient points of Hindu spirituality. The discussion is compact and would demand a reader’s concentrated attention.

Comprising 236 pages, Buddhi Yoga of the Gita and Other Essays is available at a price of Rs. 300 (Three Hundred) only.

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