The Mother’s Letters to Barindra Kumar Ghose.

Dear Friends,

Today we are publishing four letters of the Mother written to Barindra Kumar Ghose between 1941 and 1945. We come to know from these four letters that the Mother used to send a sum of Rs. 100 every month during the Second World War to Barindra Kumar who had left Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1929.  

We are thankful to Shri Biswajit Ganguly for discovering these unpublished letters and allowing us to publish them in the forum of Overman Foundation.

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.







My dear child,

Just received your letter and the Christmas card.

I suppose you have got the prayer for 1942.

I am sending you herewith Rs. 100 for January.

With my love and blessings and best wishes for the New Year.




My dear child,

Your letters reached me safely. Do not be discouraged by an unsuccessful attempt. Success comes to those who endure and persist.

I am enclosing Rs. 100 for April.

With my love and blessings.




My dear child,

You will find enclosed the Rs. 100 for October.

I have received now all your letters and hope you are doing well.

With my love and blessings.




My dear child,

Received your letters and have not changed my opinion about marriage.

Hoping that you have succeeded in settling your financial affairs.

You will find enclosed Rs. 100 for the month of February.

With my love and blessings.

 [Courtesy: Sandhitsha, August 2008.]




9 Replies to “The Mother’s Letters to Barindra Kumar Ghose.

  1. This is wonderful. For me the mystery is, why did he leave the Ashram? Of course, the pressure of sadhana is there, yet …

    And the Mother: “All-love was hers” and in it she took everyone.

  2. Thanks for bringing into light these invaluable documents depictig Mother’s love, care and concern for Her children.

  3. Every word of the sweet Mother and Sri Aurobindo,utterd or written,is precious,a treasure and an impress of eternal gold on the breast of Time:valuable letters!

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