Video of the Mother’s Last Journey (20 November 1973)

Dear Friends,

On 20 November 1973 at 8.20 a.m., the Mother’s physical body, which was kept in state since the early hours of 18 November, was put to rest in the Samadhi. The description of the Mother’s last journey from the Meditation Hall to the Samadhi vault, which was published in the November-December (1973) issue of Mother India, the Ashram journal, is as follows:

“A casket was made of one-inch-thick rosewood and the inside was lined with a pure silver sheet and over this was a lining of felt and then white silk satin. On the lid of the casket was fixed a symbol of the Mother in pure gold.

At 8.00 a.m. on the 20th November, the Mother’s body was laid in the casket, which was then covered and sealed hermetically.

The casket was carried to the Samadhi and lowered into the chamber just above the vault in which Sri Aurobindo’s body had been laid in 1950. Nolini and André scattered some rose petals over the casket and concrete slabs were placed to cover the chamber. There was then a meditation for about ten minutes.

A running commentary on the event was given by All India Radio. After the meditation, wreaths and bouquets of flowers were laid on the Samadhi by the Government of Pondicherry, the French Consul and others…”

20 November 2020 marks the forty-seventh anniversary of the Mother’s physical body being put to rest in the Samadhi. On this occasion we are sharing with all the children of the Mother a video of Her last journey from the Meditation Hall to the Samadhi vault which has been uploaded in the youtube channel of Overman Foundation.

To watch the video, kindly click on the following link:

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.

5 Replies to “Video of the Mother’s Last Journey (20 November 1973)

  1. Dear Anurag Banerjee

    Thanks a lot for sharing the heart touching video and your beautiful write-up on the Last Journey of The Mother.

    The serenity that spreads with The Mother’s blessings that shower upon every earthling and the peace that manifests in every atom of the Universe as we come closer to The Mother through your writings and beautiful words, is beyond expression! Your works have served as a ladder, every rung of which leads us towards The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, making our paths simpler and more beautiful than ever.

    The video shared – ‘Video Of The Last Journey Of The Mother Of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry’ – guides us to lead the love-filled path which shall ultimately spread the serenity that shall one day certainly surround the earth. The path shown by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo is the surety towards fulfilling the dream of a peaceful and calm unison of everyone with every other earthling. It is a privilege to be able to read your lovely inspiring write-ups that continue to inspire us, opening a new path every time, guiding and enlightening us.

    I am sharing with you a little poem that I have written as an offering to The Mother on this occasion (inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s words…
    “Think that The Mother loves me and I am The Mother’s. If you base your life on that thought, everything will soon become easy.”)

    Giti Tyagi

    Each being, each one for a purpose born,
    To tread the path the Divine hath chosen,
    No name, no fame, no position, no wealth,
    Nothing elevates nor lowers the soul!

    There are thus no tainted souls,
    Each one’s equal in the eyes of The Mother,
    Progressive our souls on the spiritual path,
    Loved we are by our ever-loving Mother!

    Our heart that forgives, a soul so pure,
    Truth prevails in words as in thoughts,
    Respect for all beings, no harm, no disruption,
    The nature resonates the loving words of The Mother!

    As a rudderless boat in a stormy sea,
    Promptly saved by a sailor apt,
    All confusion fades, wisdom pervades,
    For The Mother Loves Me and I am The Mother’s!


    Giti Tyagi
    M.A. (English), M.Ed, UGC-NET,
    Editor, Creative Artist, International Author & Poetess,
    Book Reviewer, Translator
    Author of ‘Priceless Pearls’ & ‘Crossroads And Other Stories’
    Former Senior Lecturer
    MM University, Ambala, India
    Educational Consultant

  2. Thanks a lot. Saw the video.
    I wish I had the good fortune to be with the Mother, during my growing up years. I was 16+ when she passed away.

  3. Endless thanks for this description and the video….

    ॐ आनन्दमयि, चैतन्यमयि, सत्यमयि, परमें!

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